Detoxing and Infertility Update

My detox was a roaring success (apart from diarroeah since Saturday 😳 )

I managed to lose 5lbs in total which meant I got my BMI below 30 for my IVF Consultation today :DD

Firstly I will tell you about the detox. I followed the Gillian McKeith detox (sort of), I took two of her powders with orange juice (forgot to buy grapefruit juice) a day and drank a load of water and did not eat anything. I did this for two whole days 8| . By Monday I was starving and feeling quite poorly along with a sore backside (Germoline on some soft toilet tissue helps). I had lost 2.5lbs so decided drastic action was called for if I was to lose the rest of the weight by today, so limited what I ate to a bowl of cereal in the morning and some lean meat at teatime. That was it :-/

I had hoped that by yesterday the diarroeah would have stopped, but it hadn’t so I weighed myself again and had lost a further 1.5lbs which only left 1 lb left.

By this morning I had taken to praying at every chance I had and my prayers were answered, I had lost the 1 lb and had managed to get my BMI dead on 30 (now weighing 9st 12 lbs exactly). I was so pleased until I got dressed. Now bearing in mind I had chosen the lightest underwear and dress I had I was quite optimistic that my weight would stay the same. Oh no, I weighed 2 lb heavier, aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh! :crazy:

I took my dress off and jamp back on the scales, 1lb lighter, took my watch off and jamp back on, now I was only 0.5 lb heavier. Bearing in mind I am quite a large lady up top I had no option but to leave my bra on and as my dress was cotton and quite thin I decided to leave my knickers on as well and decided the best thing I could do is add 0.5 inches onto my height and hope for the best, oh and to remember to take my watch off before going on the scales at the hospital.

Before we left for the hospital I took some anti-diarroeah tablets as it was going to be a 2 hour drive to the hospital and prayed I wouldn’t have any accidents on the way there. I had also decided to forego breakfast and a cup of tea in the hope that dehydration would make me weigh less.

Off we went and 1.30pm we were sitting in the hospital waiting room waiting to be called in. I was terrified, my tummy was doing all sorts of funny things and I just wanted to throw up.

We went in to the consultation room with the nurse and one of the first things she did was ask my height, so I fibbed and said 4′ 9″ and a half (every little bit helps). I then took my shoes and watch off and was considering whether she would think I was weird if I took my dress off. I decided it would look weird so hesitantly went on the scales.

The scales were in kilos, aaaaaarrrrrgghhhhhhh I couldn’t quite make out what the scales said as I did not have my glasses on |-| .

We sat down and I mentioned that I had weighed 9st 11 lbs this morning (another little white lie) and by Rosemary Conley’s BMI calculator that made me, wait for it, 29.8!!!

She studied her chart and said I weighed in at, wait for it, 9st 11 lbs, yayyyyyyy :DD which meant with my 0.5″ added to my height, my BMI was between 29 and 30, so we had the go ahead for the IVF. B)

The rest of the meeting was a bit of a blur as I was so relieved and couldn’t quite believe it, I had actually done it. After 11 years of trying for a baby and numerous miscarriages I was actually going to have a good chance of having a baby.

Due to hubby’s low sperm count, and my irregular(ish) cycles we are going to go with ICSI which will give hubies sperm a bit of a helping hand as they haven’t quite worked out how to use the TomTom I gave them (sorry hubby couldn’t resist that one :)) ) All they have to do is lie back and enjoy the ride so to speak (that is after they have been in the washing machine to make sure they are all clean 😛 )

So now all we have to do it wait for my monthlies to start in approximately 2 weeks, phone them up and away we go.

We were so chuffed at our good news we went off to Cheshire Oaks to look at some wrap dresses for me (would be a lot easier in a dress than trousers etc for my examinations etc for the ICSI). We went into Jane Norman thinking there wouldn’t be anything to fit me, and I saw a lovely dress but it was in a size 12. Hubby suggested I go and try it on anyway. Off I went rather hesitantly to try it and surprise surprise it fitted, a little low cut, but it fitted, all I have to do now is sew the front up a little bit.

We then went and hubby treated me to an ice cream from Thorntons for having worked so hard at the dieting and I really enjoyed it.

So from now on all I have to do is sit back and relax for a couple of weeks and try and not put the weight I lost so quickly back on.

I promise to try and post a review of the knitting dvd’s I promised and also an update on my knitting soon. Things have been so stressful here the past couple of weeks, but hopefully all the stress is now gone!!!


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