Knitting Projects

Finally, here are some of my recent knitting projects (or in some cases old knitting projects).

One of the completed knitting projects was August’s “Thrifty Knitters Sock Club” Project which was the “Bellatrix Socks”. They were really fun to knit up and were reasonably quick. I used a new technique in these which was the “drop stitch”. I have many a time dropped stitches un-intentionally but never intentionally so it was quite weird the first couple of times, but once I realised they weren’t going to run all the way to the bottom of the sock I was okay. I also really liked the colour yarn I used as the patterning went well with the colour changes of the yarn.

Bellatrix (a)

Bellatrix (b)

The second completed project was from the “One Skein” group and was again the August project. I have never really knitted up headbands but thought I would give this a go and I was really pleased with the outcome. I have a rather small head so it is a little bit too big for me but I am going to donate it to my local knitting charity which sells knitted items to raise money for the children’s hospital in Liverpool annually.


The last project I have finally taken photos of is a blanket which I started knitting nearly 11 years ago when I got married. It is a love/hate relationship and when I feel guilty not working on it I dig it out and work a few rows. A while ago I pulled it out and had lost where about I was on the 16 row repeat stitch pattern so had to unravel a dozen rows until I found where I was. It takes over 40 minutes to knit a row on it and the yarn has a lot of knots in it which makes it annoying to work on. As the rows are so long I am leaving the knots in situ on the wrong side as they guaranteed appear 3/4 of the way along the row. I will be so glad once this project is finally completed but fear that it will not be any time soon.

Blanket (a)

As you can tell from this picture it is already as large as my garden table and it is not quite half way through yet!!!

Blanket (b)

The next few days I am hoping to knit some more on a “Drops Garn Studio” pattern which I am about 1/2 way through as I really want to complete it and also to review the knitting dvd’s which I have been promising you.

Until then Happy Knitting!!!


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