Nintendo DS

After wanting one since they came out I have succumbed and purchased a Nintendo DS. Why now I hear you ask, well… After thinking about my upcoming IVF treatment and all the sitting around I will be doing waiting for appointments and also the dreaded two week wait and also my now being a housewife and having more time on my hands I succumbed.

I got a good deal in Argos and then went mad and bought a couple of games in various places at unresistable prices.

The games I am thoroughly enjoying are, More Brain Training, Spyro: A New Beginning, My Health Coach and Sight Training. They are all brilliant games, in particularly My Health Coach which comes with a Pedometer and is really good fun. You get to enter how many steps you do in a day, what you have eaten, what activities you have done during the day and it also sets you daily challenges. There are also various quizzes to complete. I thoroughly recommend this game to anyone who is watching their weight. The More Brain Training and Sight Training are good training games and will keep you occupied for a fair few hours. Spyro yet agains delivers fun despite being challenging.

The games I do not like are Duck Amuck and surprisingly Crash Boom Bang. I normally love the Crash Bandicoot games this one I cannot figure out at all and the Duck Amuck again I can’t quite work out, so they are rather disappointing.

The games which I am hoping to get soon are the Darts game, Brain Training and Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties. I will let you know what I think of these when I get them.

Overall, I love the Nintendo DS, it gives lots of fun for a relatively small cost and the games aren’t too expensive, especially if you look around and get them on special offer etc.

Ebay seem to sell the games at around the same cost as the shops, you can get some cheaper at and of course online through Woolworths. Also Asda have some relatively cheap.

As for now, I am going to play Sudoku which came as part of the More Brain Training and has totally got me addicted.


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