Rest In Peace Little Jamie

This evening my parents little Yorkie passed away. Jamie had been suffering for a number of months and had slowly been getting worse. His kidney’s were giving out and he was getting a lot of fluid in his chest area as his liver wasn’t working correctly, due to this and his small size his heart was struggling and he was going blind in one eye.

He was 11 years old and was spoilt rotten by all of us and got away with murder by me.

Jamie 3

Jamie 4

As you can tell he was a very happy little boy and was definitely my little baby.

We tried to get him to the vets this evening to put him to sleep as he was having trouble to breathe and we didn’t want to leave him in any pain unnecessarily. As soon as we picked him up to carry him to the car he thought he was going for a walk and he picked his litle head up and wagged his little tail.

This excitement must have been too much for him as we had only been in the car for a few minutes when he stopped breathing. We decided to continue to the vets just in case he was unconscious.

Once we got to the vets they confirmed that he had passed away and even in death he had his little eyes wide open so that he could see what was happening around him (dogs eyes remain open when dead).

We took him home and placed him in the little coffin which my father had made for him (it had been lined in white cotton and was made in the finest marine wood). We wrapped him up in his little towel (it had his name on it) and his little blankie and placed his two favourite toys with him. The most upsetting part for me was nailing the lid on as up until then I had managed to remain strong.

Tomorrow morning he will be buried under his favourite pear tree (he used to curl up under it and go to sleep).

Jamie (2)

Jamie (1)

Jamie will be sadly missed by all of us and I will never forget his bravery and the way he would protect us all. He would quite often growl at the next door alsation if he came anywhere near us and would even growl at me if I went near my father and vice versa.

The last time he was here at my house he peed on my front door whilst it was open and I am glad I did not tell him off too much (even though my three dogs decided it was their territory and tried to pee in the same place until I caught them). He would treat my house and garden and everything in it as if they belonged to him even though he didn’t live here. Even my three dogs let him get away with murder, when he was by me no-one else was allowed to come near and he quickly commandeered all of the toys.

I will never forget him and I am sure all of my other dogs which are in doggy heaven will look after him and treat him with the same fondness and tolerance that my present dogs did.

Rest In Peace Little Jamie, you will always be in my thoughts and I will see you again when I go to heaven.


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