Knitting, Infertility and Life In General

First of all some knitting news.

As you will see from the pics below I have completed the “0-84 striped dog sweater by DROPS design”.

The sweater appeared to be weirdly shaped as I was knitting it but continued despite my gut instinct that it was wrong.

As you can tell I wish I had folloed my gut instinct. Oh well, it only cost around £1 so not too much money wasted and as you can tell my lovely dogs loved it anyway.

The jumper fitted each dog in different ways and I have decided that the back was too narrow and the tummy part was too wide (note to self knit the tummy part and the back and vice versa), also the legs were placed too high up (note to self knit legs lower down) and finally the length of the back was too short and the length underneath was too long (another note to self knit back longer and underneath shorter).

I have yet to decide whether to knit the jumper again with the correct alterations or whether just to knit a different pattern.

Drops Jumper 1

Drops Jumper 2

Drops Jumper 3

Drops Jumper 4

A fortnight ago my parents and sister were due to fly off to Marmaris in Turkey. On the morning that they were due to fly off I received a phone call from my father who sounded rather distraught. The Company they had booked the holiday with (K & S Holidays) had gone into Administration and despite having checked in for the flight they had been informed at the gate that their holiday had not actually been paid for.

The rest of the morning was spent by me telephoning various different companies trying to sort it out for them and trying to find out whether they could get their money back. Luckily the Company in question was part of “ATOL” so they were able to claim to get their money back.

They have now flown out to Tunisia and I am looking after my sister’s weird looking Jack Russell. Bruno has very short legs, huge feet and is quite broad!!! The first couple of days was spent with my shouting a lot at Bruno who just wanted to play 24 hours a day and did not settle. I am pleased to announce that he has now settled down and is a totally different dog to the one I picked up last Tuesday.

My Infertility news is that last Sunday my monthlies started which means we are now waiting to start our ICSI treatment. Last Monday I telephoned Liverpool Women’s Hospital up and arranged my appointment for going to pick up my medication (October the 9th at 3pm). The weird thing was that the nurse checked my notes and it did not mention my Catheter Test!!! I was told to ring them back today.

I have spent most of the day trying to get through to the Nurses Station. It was ridiculous, I made countless calls and never got through, it just rang and rang and rang. To make matters worse even the Reception phone number was not being picked up, so tomorrow I will have to phone again as I need to know when to go in and get the Catheter Test done.

I am rather worried at the moment as I am full of flu and am desperately trying to get rid of it as I am worried that they ill cancel my cycle if I am unwell.

I have been so poorly the past couple of weeks that I have not felt like knitting much and despite wanting to spin the white fleece I have so that I can ply it with the pink fleece I have spun up, I have not felt upto it and even if I did I don’t think I would be able to as Bruno still requires a lot of attention (although he has calmed down a lot).

I have been advised by a couple of people not to spin my hand-processed fleeces once my treatment starts as any faeces etc which may still be on the fleece may cause a miscarriage if I fall pregnant. Luckily I have some bought merino rovings to spin up, so will be able to do some spinning through the treatment.

I think that is about it for now. I am hoping to go back through my knitting dvd’s so that I can review them as promised a couple of months ago.

I will try to keep you up-to-date on my ICSI treatment and how the Catheter Test and the Medication appointment goes and of course my knitting and not let it go too long next time.



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