Yarn Stash

Today I took the brave decision to sort out my handknitting yarn stash. I think it must have been a moment of madness.

As you can tell from this picture I have a lot of yarn and a lot of it is years old.

Stash 2008

I seem to have accumulated a lot of single balls of various colours and makes of yarn and most of it is Double Knitting in baby colours (pinks, blues, mint etc).

I must admit it was fun sorting it out and I found some yarn that I had totally forgotten about and a lot of yarn which brought back memories of when I had bought it.

I even found some sock yarn which I had totally forgotten about and realised that a lot of my yarn is not suitable for making jumpers etc for adults as their is not enough of it.

I have decided to get some finer yarn to knit up lace scarves to sell and will keep the single balls to knit up baby clothes. The rest will get used at some point (I just don’t know when yet)!!

Stash 2008 sorted

I was really surprised that I managed to fit it all back in the six boxes as I had a lot of yarn piled up in the dining room and have put it in the boxes.

I definitely recommend anyone with a lot of yarn to go through it and sort it out and these plastic tubs with lids are ideal to keep it all in as the little moths can’t attack it.

The only problem now is that hubby thinks I should sell it as a job lot as I will never manage to knit it all up :-/


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