ICSI Update

A few weeks ago I went back to Liverpool Women’s Hospital for my Catheter Test as there were some concerns on whether they would be able to complete the Egg Transfer when it came round as they had had to abort the HSG I had a few years ago as there were problems with my cervix.

I am pleased to announce that the Catheter Test went very smoothly. There was only a twinge of pain and that was when the dishy Doctor pushed the Catheter in a bit too far. Yes you did read correctly, I did say “the dishy Doctor”. His name was Richard and he was lovely (a bit young but lovely). Hubby was not very impressed when I mentioned the Dr was nice, but it did make the procedure more bearable :DD

As the Catheter Test was okay I had the go ahead to go and pick up my meds the following week (last Thursday to be exact). We arrived at the hospital with plenty of time to spare and we headed straight to Pharmacy where we picked up my meds. I must say the Pharmacist was very efficient and we were in and out in 5 minutes.

Once we had the meds we headed upstairs for our meeting with the nurse who would show us the correct way to do the injections. I was very nervous and was shaking like a leaf.

We were early but still managed to get in to our meeting ten minutes before our time. The nurse went off and got us the needles/sharps container and alcohol wipes and proceeded to demonstrate to us how to do the injection.

DH kept mentioning that it was the same way as giving a horse an injection :-/ to which I informed him I was not a horse and he had better be more gentle with me than he would be to a horse :>

We were told to use the blue needle to draw up the fluid and to use the orange needle to inject with. We were also told to check there were no air bubbles in the syringe and to inject in an arc around my belly button at a forty five degree angle.

We both practised on the dummy stomach and were reasonable competent at doing it so with our big bag of meds went back to the car.

I am to take 0.5ml of Buserelin daily from Day 3 of my cycle (which is today) and am due to go back for a baseline scan on the 29th of October.

All weekend I sweated and panicked and worked myself up about these injections. We decided to do the injection at 5pm daily so that hubby would be able to do them the majority of the time.

I bought some alcohol gel to make sure out hands are clean and sterile and washed my tummy an hour before the injection was due.

At 4.50pm we headed upstairs with our box containing the syringes, needles, alcohol wipes, alcohol gel, Buserelin vial and of course the sharps container.

I pulled my top up and lay down on the bed whilst hubby drew up the required amount of medication and hovered over me.

He asked me whether I was ready and I said I was, at which point I thought he was taking an awful long time administering the injection. Then there it was, the sharp pain as he inserted the needle into my tummy and injected the Buserelin. It then seemed an age before he took out the needle.

All in all it was relatively painless. I have a lovely little bruise to show for it and am still stressed out but am glad the first injection is done.

Now there is just another 15 injections until my baseline scan and from there I have no idea what is going to happen!!!!


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