A Liver Abnormality

The past week has been a nightmare.

Last weekend I went to Cheshire Oaks with my parents and had two large cold sores on the right side of my lips. They were really swollen so I went along to Boots the Chemist and spoke to the Pharmacist about them. She said they looked like they were infected and as I was going through ICSI I should go straight away to see my GP to get some antibiotics.

All day Sunday I was vomitting and was really unwell. Everywhere was spinning and I couldn’t keep anything down and my glands had begun to swell up on the right side of my neck so I decided to make an appointment the next day with my GP.

On Monday mornng I telephoned my dr’s surgery and got an appointment with a locum which I would not normally do due to my complicated medical history, but as it was just about an infected cold sore I went along.

My first impression of him was that he was nice and thorough. He kept calling me “love” which made me laugh. He checked me over and decided that I should have some blood tests done straight away along with a stool sample as I was still suffering with diarroeah on and off due to the Buserelin.

Since the bloods for that day had already been taken to the hospital we decided that the nurse should take them and I would drive up to the hospital with my samples. At this point he did not mention anything about what he thought was wrong and I just assumed he wanted to make sure that it was the Buserelin which was making me feel a bit unwell.

Since I had my Baseline Scan in Liverpool on Wednesday it was agreed that the tests should be hurried up so that I would have the results to go with me.

On the Tuesday morning at 9am I had a telephone call from this Locum telling me to stop my injections as I had some Liver Abnormalities and it was due to a severe adherse reaction to the Buserelin. He said he would telephone Liverpool and would phone me back.

As soon as I came off of the telephone I burst out in tears and woke hubby up and told him what had happened. We decided to telephone Liverpool ourselves to see what they said.

As I was so upset hubby rang Liverpool and explained what had been said. Hubby passed the phone over to me so that I could clarify what had happened and they said they would phone us back in half an hour as they wanted to speak to a Consultant.

Half and hour later I had a telephone call back from Liverpool and they said that they did not think it was the Buserelin which had raised my Liver Enzymes as there was no history of it having done this in the past to any other patients and that if necessary I could change over to Synarel which you sniffed rather than injected. She said not to worry and she would see me the next day at my appointment, oh and I should still take that evenings injection. I came off of the phone relieved that my ICSI treatment was still going ahead.

Shortly after I had another telephone call off of the Locum who informed me that my cycle as being cancelled and I was to stop my injections straight away and he would see me on Friday. At this I was distraught. I broke down crying and did not know what to do. All I could think of was that my chance of having a baby had been taken away from me.

Through all of this I realised that I had actually NOT had any symptoms of having problems with my Liver. The locum had asked me whether I had had any stomach pains, any bleeding etc and I had not had any of them.

After a few minutes we decided to telephone Liverpool again and find out what was happening. The Sister who I spoke to told me she had spoken to the Locum and that it was a possibility that my cycle would be cancelled as it may not be safe if I fell pregnant, but I was to take that evenings injection and we would discuss it all the next day.

The next few hours was spent with my crying as hubby had had to go to work. I really did not know what to do and really felt like my depression had struck again as I did not feel like I could cope anymore.

Just as I managed to calm myself down a little bit the Locum telephoned me again wanting to know what dosage etc I was taking of the Buserelin as he was writing out a report to send of reporting that I had had a severe adherse reaction to it. I tried to explain to him that it wasn’t due to that and I did not want my cycle to be cancelled and he just ignored me.

The rest of the day and night was spent with my panicking and crying. Hubby came home with the results of my blood tests as we had to take a copy to Liverpool with us, so I did what I do best, I researched each result which was high.

After the second test I had researched I realised that they all had one thing in common, “Pancreatitis”. I continued through the other three results and again they all came up with Pancreatitis being an option of why they would be high. I soon realised that when I was ill on Sunday I had been bringing up a lot of bile and I had been having a lot of heartburn and acid since I had stopped taking my medication over a fortnight before. This all began to make sense. My pancreas had started to act up due to not being regulated with the medication I was supposed to take, the added stress of treatment and lack of sleep had probably also started it off again.

I was so relieved that I finally had an answer to what all of this was about. Once this had sunk in I became angry that this stupid Locum had NOT read my notes, as if he had he would have known I had come off all of my medication and I had Pancreatitis. I printed off all of my findings and went to bed to try and get some sleep.

Wednesday morning I woke up early all ready to go to Liverpool and fight my case. I had not slept much so was feeling rather crap but was feeling a little bit positive.

Once we were in Liverpool my baseline scan was done and I was told everything was looking good. My Uterine Lining was lovely and thin and both of my ovaries were clear. We were then called into a room with a nurse whom we had dealt with a couple of times before to discuss my blood test results. I told her what I had found and explained that I believed they were high due to my Pancreatitis and the fact that I had come off of my medication. She went and spoke to a Consultant and came back and said he was reasonably happy for me to continue but she would have to speak to the main man in charge to confirm that it would be safe for me to continue with the cycle with my Pancreatitis. I explained that the Consultant I had seen a couple of years ago with regards to my Pancreatitis had assured me that it would be safe for me to become pregnant.

Again she went out of the room to discuss my case. It felt like an age until she came back, hubby and I had everything possible crossed and I was begging God to let us continue the cycle. I don’t know what I would do if she came back and said no. A while later she came back and told us that the Consultant was happy for us to continue as long as I went and saw my regular GP and discussed my medication and also for them to inform the Obstetrician at our local hospital that if the treatment worked then it would be a high risk pregnancy. I agreed to do this straight away. We were so relieved, all I wanted to do was cry but managed to hold it in.

She went through our next lot of injections with us which are more complicated and loaded us up with my needles and syringes etc and told us to start the Stimulating Injections with the Menopur on Saturday and to continue with the Buserelin. She also said she would see us on the 10th of November for my next scan and if that went well then Egg Collection would be on the 12th of November and Egg Transfer would be on the 14th of November. If my eggs weren’t big enough then Egg Collection would probably be on the 13th of November and Egg Transfer on the 15th of November.

Things now see very real and I am beginning to feel very very very positive. Surely with all of this bad luck I have had with my treatment I am due some good luck.

True to my word I made an appointment with one of my regular GP’s and have an appointment with them on Monday morning to discuss my medication etc.

As you will now probably agree with me it has been a week from hell and I am really hoping the rest of my cycle goes better. I really want this to work and I intend doing everything it takes for me to do my best for it to work so that I have no regrets of “what ifs” if it doesn’t work.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me and if you are on good terms with God then please put in a good word for me as I need all the help I can get in the rest of this cycle going smoothly and to have a positive outcome at the end of it all.


One thought on “A Liver Abnormality

  1. You will probably need a drug detox because the liver’s job is to detoxify certain substances that enter your body and taking in consideration that you had a liver disorder and it seems that you had some nasty pills, well, a drug detox is what you need.


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