On Monday, hubby and I decided to go for a drive out as it was such a lovely day and I was feeling quite well (for a change).

We found ourselves going round Snowdonia and finally to Beddgelert. 

The scenery was lovely and we had a lovely walk to Gelert’s Grave in the centre of Beddgelert
Beddgelert 1

Beddgelert 2

Beddgelert 3

For those of you who don’t know the story of Gelert the dog I will tell you the shortened version.

Beddgelert 4

A long time ago a Prince lived in a castle had a son and a dog called “Gelert”.  One day the Prince went hunting and left Gelert to watch over his son.

Upon his arrival back at the castle he saw Gelert covered in blood and came to the conclustion the the dog had savaged his son.  Distraught the Prince killed Gelert.

When the Prince went into the castle he heard his son’s cry and dashed to the nursery only to find a wolf at the foot of his son’s cot.

The Prince as devastated when he realised that the blood on Gelert had actually been the wolves blood and not his sons and he had obviously protected his son well.

The Prince decided to bury Gelert and named the village Beddgelert in memory of his faithful dog.

Beddgelert 5

Beddgelert 6

Just around the corner from Gelert’s grave there is a lovely stream which is very scenic and we managed to get some lovely pictures by it.

Beddgelert 7

Beddgelert 8

Beddgelert 9

Beddgelert 10


One thought on “Beddgelert

  1. Love the story about Gelert, and its been a long time since I visited that lovely part of the world. Thank you for sharing this and reminding me of this particular story:)


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