Half Way

Today is exactly half way through my two week wait. For those of you who haven’t been following my blog and wonder what my two week wait is, I will explain.

A week ago today I underwent my Egg Transfer and had one little embryo put back into my uterus. I have two weeks to wait from the day of my Egg Transfer until I can do a pregnancy test and see whether my perfect little embryo has snuggled into my uterine lining and settled in for 9 months.

I have the found the past week really stressful. I have gone from being really positive to really negative and back again.

I have been taking my Progesterone Pessaries twice daily, so have been getting pregnancy symptoms which is a really cruel joke as I may not actually be pregnant.

The day after Egg Transfer I began getting mild period pains and they have continued. The strange thing is they alway appear late at night and early morning. I have been told that this could be a good thing as it could simply be the little embryo implanting. I really hope so.

The next week is going to be hell. I am trying not to do much so as to give the embryo the best chance of hanging on as I can. I have been lying on the couch and knitting all week, but am no getting fed up of it and am wanting to do things around the house. Hubby is not letting me and is telling me off for every little thing I do, ie putting washing into the washing machine tonight.

I have managed to do some Christmas shopping online so that I will be at least partially prepared for Christmas.

If the Pregnancy Test on Monday is positive then I will definitely be taking it very easy and will not want to be going round shops for hours on end and if it is negative I will be too upset to face the shops anyway.

I have been talking to my little embryo every morning and evening encouraging her/him to hang on and telling him/her how much he/she is wanted and loved.

I really want this to work and for her/him to stay with me as I do not know what I will do if I am not pregnant. Too me it will feel like I have lost a baby as I have really tried to bond with the little embryo which is a little baby in it’s early form.

As Liverpool is over to hours away the nurses have told me to test at home rather then trek all the way up there. I personally would have preferred to have gone up there but will have to trust them and take my Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test at home on Monday morning.

The next week is going to be a loooonnnnngggg week and my sleeplessness is already starting. My tummy is all shaky and I feel sick everytime I think of doing the test. I have managed to keep the tears under control so far but can’t see that lasting much longer.

If I am not pregnant I don’t know how I will cope with Christmas. As it is I feel like cancelling Christmas if I am not pregnant as I certainly won’t be feeling like celebrating it. On the other hand if I am pregnant it will be the best Christmas present I could ever have.


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