Merry Christmas

I hope all of you have had a great Christmas.

My Christmas had highs and lows which is pretty standard in all of my Christmases.

The highs were all of my decorations and presents and having Christmas dinner in my parents with all of my family around me to take my mind off not being pregnant. The lows were remembering I wasn’t pregnant and for another Christmas there was no little baby crawling around or kicking in my tummy.

Anyway, here are some pics of my beloved decorations which get put up every year, what do you think??



Back Window

Xmas Tree in Living Room

Angel in Living Room

Candle Arches

Xmas Tree in Dining Room

Xmas Tree in Porch

My House

This year I got hubby to help me marzipan and ice my Christmas Cake as I wasn’t well enough to do it myself. He did really well for a beginner!!

Xmas Cake

On Christmas Day hubby and I went to my parents for Christmas Dinner, we had a good time but was really glad to get home.

This is my brother and nephew mid way through Christmas dinner

jordan and wayne

This is my sister.


This is my mum, dad, nephew and Zoe who is my sister’s cat.

mum, dad and jordan and zoe

This is my sister with her cat Zoe.

zoe and sonia

Yet again here is my sister with her cat. As you can tell my sister loved her blanket which I knitted as all afternoon she was snuggled up in it.

sonia and zoe

As you can tell she was not impressed having her picture taken.

sonia and zoe

And finally I set the table for our Boxing Day lunch.

My Table laid for Boxing Day dinner

All in all I had some lovely Christmas presents. I had loads of gift sets which I am sure everyone gets. I even had my beloved bamboo double pointed needles and circulars off of hubby along with a couple of knitting books and a knitting needle case for my circulars.

And of course I can’t forget my new digital camera which I absolutely love.

That is about it for now. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and I look forward to speaking to you in the New Year!!!


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