Infertility and Knitting Updates

Firstly I will update you on how my ICSI Consultation appointment went on Monday.

I thought we would have seen a proper consultant but yet again it was a nurse we saw.  She was really nice and helpful and we discussed our last ICSI cycle.  She said she was really surprised it had not worked as the embryo we had was a Grade A embryo and was 8 cell which was one step below being a blastocyst.

She recommended that our next ICSI cycle be done using higher dosages of medication as we had a few eggs but some were unripe and some were over-ripe hence why we only got one fertilised into an embryo.  During this discussion I got a bit upset and felt really embarassed about crying, but she was really nice about it and fully understood how I was feeling.

Since we did not have embryos to freeze we have to now go private.  We saw one of ladies who deals with private treatment and she gave us a “quote” for our treatment, are you sitting down???  It comes to nearly £5,000 for one cycle of ICSI treatment.  This does not include travelling expenses, hotel expenses etc.

As I do not feel ready to continue with another cycle just yet (I am physically and mentally drained) we have decided to telephone them on day one of my next cycle to arrange it all.  At that point we will need to pay the £5,000 before the treatment can be started

Onto some good news, I have been asked to machine knit some garments for a company who is going to be part of London Fashion Week in February.  I am really excited about this and can’t wait to get started.  The company I am going to be doing the work for is still waiting for the yarn to be dyed and then it will be forwarded to me. 

I am beginning to panic a bit as the Fashion Week is 16th of February which is only a month away and in this time I have to wait to receive the yarn and then to post the garments back to them, so may as well say there is three weeks.

For now I am still busy making things to put up into my Etsy shop, so please check back often as there will be a lot of new things being added over the next couple of weeks.  You can either click on the link on the top left of this page or go directly to it


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