Etsy and Knitting Updates

Yesterday I had some bad news.

The past week I have been trying to contact the lady who wanted me to knit for the London Fashion Week for her. Yesterday she finally replied to my many emails and informed me that she had decided to knit the garments herself to save time and money.

I am really annoyed at her leaving it so late to inform me of this as I had really been looking forward to the work and was relying on the money.

SOOOOOOOO, I have put a couple more things up on Etsy to try and sell (not that anything is selling there at the moment). For those of you who would like to have a look at what I have for sale you can click on the link at the top left of this post.

I blog about some of the things I have made and have put up for sale on here, but not all of it, so please check out my Etsy shop regularly.

In the meantime, here is the set I have hand-knitted comprising of headband, scarf and mitts/muffatees. They are really nice and if I wore scarves etc I would most certainly be wearing them myself.

Riverine Scarf

Riverine Headband

Riverine Mitts/Muffatees

At the moment I don’t seem to be able to get into any knitting. I don’t know whether this is because I feel like I’m coming down with a head cold or whether I am just knitted out.

Despite trying hard all week to lose week (have stayed under my 1397 calories every day) I gained half a pound so will have to try even harder this week.

I am hoping to feel better soon so that I can go on my spinning wheel as it feels like a lifetime ago since I went on it and since my IVF cycle is going to be in March I don’t have much time to go on it so had better make the most of the time in which I am allowed to touch the lovely fleeces I have.

Tomorrow is my Machine Knitting Club day and I am not sure whether I am going to go or not as we don’t seem to be doing much and all everyone seems to want to do is talk about their aches and pains rather than what they are knitting etc. I think I will wait and see how I feel in the morning.


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