A Quick Reminder About Valentine’s

This is just a really quick post to remind you all about Valentine’s Day which is again on the same date as every other year, the 14th of February which is a week Saturday.

An extra mention to all you men out there who have a partner/wife/girlfriend/fiancee etc etc. Us girls love to receive Valentine gifts. The more the better and the more expensive looking the better.

To ensure you get a table at that exquisite restaurant make sure you book it now, if not now the moment the restaurant opens as take it from me they book up really quickly.

The same goes for the florist’s, plan what flowers you are going to get now. If you’re not sure go to Interflora and have a look. I know it is customary to purchase a dozen red roses, but have you thought about some other rare flowers you can get or even the many different types of roses or even a mix of roses and orchids etc etc.

Chocolates is also a good gift, none of those boxes of Milk Tray etc, try some lovely Thorntons or Belgium Chocolates, they look more expensive and if you get them wrapped up it will be a lot more appreciated.

Another good gift is jewellery, if you want something really unusual which no-one else will have or be able to get then check out my store for some of the lovely necklaces which I sell. They are all one-offs as once that colour/style is gone, it is gone for good. You can find them at Knitter Scarlet. If you order a necklace before Tuesday then you will get a 10% discount, just email me before you pay and I will send you an amended invoice. (Hubby please note do not buy me one of my necklaces as I know how much they cost and where they come from, a lovely crucifix on the other hand would be nice :DD )

As for THE card, the more verses and romantic the better. A woman loves all the verses and even my father doesn’t go wrong without even wearing his glasses, he just looks for the card with the most verses in it.

Now for you women, have you thought about some sexy silk underpants as a gift for your partner/husband/boyfriend/fiance etc. How about some lovely aftershave or if they have a sweet tooth some nice chocolates. A bottle of champagne or sparkling wine chilled for when you get back from your evening out with some nice smelling candles in the bedroom for some romantic lighting and some sexy underwear will definitely be appreciated. Stockings will be a must along with some high heels. Give them a lapdance or a striptease to finish Valentine’s Day that they will never forget!!!


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