Spinning Update

The past couple of weeks I have been really busy washing and carding English Sheep Fleece.

For some reason I thought it was a good idea to have bought 30 English Sheep Fleeces off of my cousin for a pound each. I thought I could resell them on Ebay and make some money, but once I saw the state of them and how poorly they had been shorn off of the sheep I realised that this was not going to be possible.

The problem now is what do I do with all of the dirty, smelly fleeces which are in my father’s garage.

I had no option but to start washing them and sorting them out as once my IVF starts next month I will not be able to go near them due to the possibility of miscarriage if I fall pregnant.

These fleeces are off no normal sheep, they are huge, smelly and filthy. These sheep certainly liked the dirt and mud.

These two pictures show three of them drying on my patio.

Drying Fleece

Drying Fleece 2

One of the fleeces I decided to try dying with Kool Aid (a drink from the USA which you add water to). They came out quite well and I am looking forward to trying to spin it up.

Kool Aid Dyed Fleece

As I am now inundated with fleeces to spin I have decided to try and sell some of the dyed tops in my Etsy shop. So far I have not sold any, but it is still early days and I am hoping to put some more up soon. Hopefully I will get good enough to try space-dying or even trying varigated dyeing.

Dyed Welsh Ewe Fleece

Dyed Welsh Ewe Fleece 2

Dyed Welsh Ewe Fleece 3

Last Tuesday a lady I met on Ravelry came over to give me a spinning lesson.

We spent a lovely couple of hours eating Victoria Sponge Cake, drinking tea and chatting. We even found some time to do some spinning on my Kromski Symphony Spinning Wheel.

I was really pleased to be told that I am spinning correctly and was given some spinning tips. The one thing I was advised to do was to spin on a smaller ratio to try and get my yarn finer which is what I want. This was definitely a success and the other tips were to pre-draft the roving before spinning and to hold the roving further away from the orifice of the spinning wheel so that it gives you more time to draft the fleece before spinning.

With all of this knowledge safely stored in my brain I spent the next day happily spinning and plying the last of my pink and cream fleece into skeins. On Wednesday evening I came down with a dreadful migraine so my spinning came to an abrupt halt.

I am really pleased with the outcome, what do you think??

Spun Welsh Ewe Yarn

I have decided to spin the Aqua colour Welsh Ewe Fleece next and have made a good start and have half a bobbin full already.

With hubby being back at work tomorrow I am looking forward to doing lots more spinning as I really want to get the aqua fleece spun up and also the dark green spun up so that I do not feel so guilty when my IVF begins and I cannot spin my lovely fleece anymore.


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