Falling Down the Stairs and Valentine’s Day

Last Friday morning I got up and whilst going down the stairs slipped half way and hurt my back quite badly. Hubby is blaming it on my wearing socks but I am blaming it on not feeling too well in the beginning. :-/

Anyway, the past week has been spent with my being in agony every time I move an inch. My back is a bit better but is still hurting and am getting the feeling every now and again of something moving in my back and a sharp pain at the same time. I am hoping it is just whatever got knocked when I fell is moving back into place but if it continues I will have to go to see the doctor.

Last Saturday was Valentine’s Day and I was given a lovely bouquet of flowers.


I was also given a bottle of Bollinger Champagne.


I was also taken out for a gorgeous meal and as you can tell from these pics I was the one drinking.



We had loads of fun and I practiced some modelling poses during the meal, I thought my pouting was quite good.




By the time we got home my back was hurting again and after a quick back massage with some out of date Ibuprofen Gel drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

The rest of the week has been spent with my lying on the couch and not doing much.

Since hubby didn’t get as much of a romantic weekend last week as we would have liked tomorrow night is going to be a takeaway and sharing the bottle of Champagne and this time I promise not to drink all of it myself. 😉


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