YAAAYYYYYYYY Some Knitting!!!!

I have finally gotten round to finishing off some of my knitting projects and even took photos of them.

I have been meaning to take the photos for weeks, but for some reason couldn’t find the time to do it, but you will be glad to see that they are here for you to drool over.

These socks were made out of Harry Potter’s “Dumbledore” sock yarn and the pattern is “Horcrux” which for those of you who don’t know Harry Potter is the fianl Hurcrux which is Harry Potter’s scar.

P1000369 copy

This shoulder shawl was made out of free yarn which I had from the “Yarn Forward” knitting magazine. The pattern was also free and it was a really quick knit and is very pretty.

P1000449 copy

This scarf was made out of some yarn from my stash and is again a free pattern from the “Yarn Forward” knitting magazine. It was originally made to put up in my Etsy shop, but my sister saw it and fell in love with it, so I sold it to her instead.

P1000453 copy

These socks did not really come out like I wanted them to. It was my fault really as I decided to try knitting them with some yarn from my stash which happened to be Double Knitting which was a bit too thick. My way of thinking was that they would make smaller socks, but for some reason they have come out too wide. I haven’t quite decided whether to put them up for sale yet or whether to keep them for myself to wear around the house as I really love the heart pattern around the cuff.

P1000493 copy

The past month I have been twice to a new Stitch’n’Bitch knitting club half an hour’s drive away. They are a lovely bunch of ladies and the only thing which is putting me off a little bit is that it is mostly crochet that they do and I don’t really like crocheting, but I guess as they are a nice bunch I will keep going.

The meeting is in a yarn shop and it is really difficult being surrounded by gorgeous yarn for two hours and so far I have been really good and have not succumbed to buying any. I can’t promise to remain this good though, but I will try.

Last week my Merino wool came from “White Lies Designs” in America. Joan who runs the company is brilliant and she hand-dyes the yarn herself to go with her patterns. I will take photos of the yarn next week and will unveil the pattern which I will be knitting up with it along with some other pictures of things I have knitted and hopefully some really good news….


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