Knitting and Hypnosis

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to all my lovely readers who left supportive comments for me at the very difficult time I have been going through. I really appreciate all of your support and feel truly special in having such kind readers.

Last month I took part in a study on how knitting whilst listening to a hypnosis mp3 can aid weight loss.

Every day for a month I listened to an mp3 which had suggestions on getting you to eat healthier, drink more water and move around more. Whilst listening to the mp3 I knitted on a scarf which had an easy stitch pattern to memorise.

I chose to knit the Yarn Harlot One Row Scarf first which was very easy and aided in my concentrating more on what was said in the mp3.

Here is what my scarf ended up like.

One Row Scarf

The second scarf which I completed was the Eton’s Scarf and again it was a very easy stitch pattern to remember.

Eton's Scarf

Unfortunately I did not lose any weight as I found out shortly after completing the study that I had been pregnant, but it did help relax me and I found I drank more water.

If you want to find out more about hypnosis you can contact Kathryn Beck who organised the study via her website at .

Kathryn is a lovely lady and is from France but as you can download her mp3’s to listen to the distance does not really matter. I would definitely recommend anyone interested in hypnosis to have a look at her website as she offers mp3’s on a number of subjects including infertility and her prices are really reasonable.


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