Infertility Update

Finally here is my Infertility Update.

As you will know I am now in the middle of my second ICSI cycle.

I thought this time would be easier as I knew what to expect, but no, it is just as difficult. The injections are more painful and I seem to be getting a lot more bruising on my stomach from them.

The Buserelin hasn’t really given me an upset stomach, but I think this has something to do with my taking a high dosage Calcium tablet everytime I eat.

On Tuesday we went for my baseline scan and they were reasonably happy with how my uterus is looking. I was still spotting from my periods so they weren’t too sure whether to wait until Saturday to start my Menopur injections, but after looking at the scan pictures a bit closure they decided that the bleeding was coming from around my cervix and not my uterine lining, so I had my instructions to start the injections today.

They have upped the dosage of my Menopur to 375iu (5 ampules) and I was a bit concerned about how I would cope with the side effects.

I can tell you that I had every reason to be worried as I had my first injection this evening and it made me really ill. I have had bad stomach cramping and my hot/cold flushes have hit with a vengeance. I also didn’t manage to keep my tea down which hubby was not impressed with.

In general I suppose this cycle isn’t going too bad if you disregard the lack of sleep and the lack of appetite.

I am constantly tired and just want to sleep and am hardly eating (to hubby’s dismay). I just want to cry all of the time and feel so lonely and depressed. I know I am supposed to stay positive but it is getting really difficult to do.

My immune system is low again and I am really worried about having a Pancreatitis attack as I have been getting Pancreas pains most nights since starting the Buserelin and don’t know what to do to stop them as I cannot take my Co-codamol and can only take Paracetamol which doesn’t do anything.

I have to go back for my first stimulation scan on the 24th of April and I am hoping that the follicles will have grown better than last time so that we will have more embryos to put back which will mean a better chance of falling pregnant.

I guess in the meantime all I can do is try to eat and sleep more and to try and stay positive.

Wish me luck!!!


Swallow Falls in Betws Y Coed

On Monday it was hubby’s birthday. As he was going to his Amateur Radio meeting in the evening I made us a nice meal and we agreed to go out for the day on the Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning we set off early to go upto Swallow Falls by Betws Y Coed. It was a lovely day and we had a nice and relaxing drive up there.

As you can see we took a lot of photos (and these are only the ones which made the shortlist). I hope you enjoy looking at them.
































It was really beautiful watching the water and even the masses of people who swarmed around us didn’t ruin the peace and tranquility.

I would definitely recommend you going to visit it as it is truly something amazing to see.

Once we got back to the car we set off on a mystery drive. It was a mystery as we had no idea where we wanted to go so just turned down roads which looked interesting.

On the way back we did go through Ruthin, so we stopped at the Craft Centre. I was rather disappointed at this Craft Centre as there was nothing to see. There was a little gallery at the end which you could walk around and they sold some very expensive hand designed silver jewellery but apart from that there wasn’t much. Most of the units were empty or closed, so it was a real shame.

Finally we got back home and as it was late we decided to stop at the Thai Restaurant for a meal, but out luck had ran out as it was closed so we settled for an Indian takeaway from our favourite Restaurant.

As the Thai was closed we agreed that we would go for a meal on the Wednesday, which we did along with my father. We had a really good time and my father also really enjoyed it (he didn’t stop making us laugh all the way through).

All in all it has been a long week and now I am really worn out.

My hubby must be the only person on the planet who gets to celebrate his birthday for three days instead of the usual one. I hope he doesn’t expect this every year!!!


Thursday’s Fire

On Thursday afternoon, just as I was sitting down with my friend for a catch up and cup of tea there was a knock on the door. When I answered it there was a friend of the family who lives down the road from me who was very flustered. It was at this point that I noticed there was a lot of smoke and ash floating around.

You guessed it, he had come to inform me that there was a fire in our back field. I thanked him for coming to tell me and he assured me that the fire service had been called.

Just to be on the safe side I decided to telephone the fire service myself to make sure that it had actually been reported and to let them know that it was bordering my property.

As there wasn’t much my friend and I could do we continued with our chat etc.

Hubby went outside with the firemen and took some photos and periodically came in to update me.



















At one point the fire did get quite close ot the house and I got a bit worried, but when I saw the firemen standing around with cups of tea then I knew things were under control.

It took the firemen over four hours to deal with the fire and appeared to be in control from the the moment they arrived.

I am glad to tell you that no one was hurt and the smell of the smoke has now gone from inside the house, although the burnt patches in the field next to the house is a stark reminder of how bad it may have been.