Infertility Update

Finally here is my Infertility Update.

As you will know I am now in the middle of my second ICSI cycle.

I thought this time would be easier as I knew what to expect, but no, it is just as difficult. The injections are more painful and I seem to be getting a lot more bruising on my stomach from them.

The Buserelin hasn’t really given me an upset stomach, but I think this has something to do with my taking a high dosage Calcium tablet everytime I eat.

On Tuesday we went for my baseline scan and they were reasonably happy with how my uterus is looking. I was still spotting from my periods so they weren’t too sure whether to wait until Saturday to start my Menopur injections, but after looking at the scan pictures a bit closure they decided that the bleeding was coming from around my cervix and not my uterine lining, so I had my instructions to start the injections today.

They have upped the dosage of my Menopur to 375iu (5 ampules) and I was a bit concerned about how I would cope with the side effects.

I can tell you that I had every reason to be worried as I had my first injection this evening and it made me really ill. I have had bad stomach cramping and my hot/cold flushes have hit with a vengeance. I also didn’t manage to keep my tea down which hubby was not impressed with.

In general I suppose this cycle isn’t going too bad if you disregard the lack of sleep and the lack of appetite.

I am constantly tired and just want to sleep and am hardly eating (to hubby’s dismay). I just want to cry all of the time and feel so lonely and depressed. I know I am supposed to stay positive but it is getting really difficult to do.

My immune system is low again and I am really worried about having a Pancreatitis attack as I have been getting Pancreas pains most nights since starting the Buserelin and don’t know what to do to stop them as I cannot take my Co-codamol and can only take Paracetamol which doesn’t do anything.

I have to go back for my first stimulation scan on the 24th of April and I am hoping that the follicles will have grown better than last time so that we will have more embryos to put back which will mean a better chance of falling pregnant.

I guess in the meantime all I can do is try to eat and sleep more and to try and stay positive.

Wish me luck!!!


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