Machine Knitting and My Etsy Shop

First of all I thought I would show you what I have been machine knitting over the past 6 months.

The first is a baby shawl in a lovely baby blue. It didn’t take long to machine knit, but….the fringing is something totally different…it took me hours.

Lace Baby Shawl

The second is a cardigan which I made a couple of years ago and only found a short while ago. The picture does not do it justice as it is a very intricate pattern done on the garter carriage.

The garter carriage is an accessory which you can get for the Brother Knitting Machine and it does the purl stitch on the right side which the knitting machine on it own is not capable of doing (unless you manually purl the stitch).

The garter carriage chugs along across the row on its own and it takes an age to do one row. I am sure I could handknit a row by the time it goes across one row.

The cardigan also has a zip which was the first time I had put a zip into a handmade knitted garment. It wasn’t so difficult but I think next time I will try and use the sewing machine to stitch it in place as my handstitching leaves a lot to be desired.

Garter Carriage Cardigan

The shawl is already up in my Etsy shop and the cardigan will be up soon.

For those of you who don’t know I have have an Etsy shop in which I sell handknitted and machine knitted garments, beaded jewellery, beaded stitch markers and now some hand dyed roving all ready for spinning.

You can find my shop either by clicking on the advert at the top left of this post or by going directly to

Since I have had my Etsy shop I have not sold many things so thought I would ask you my dedicated readers what you would like to see in my shop. Would you like to see children’s clothes, more dog coats, men’s clothing???

Please leave me a comment letting me know or email me at knitterscarlet@aol.com

I would dearly love to know as at the moment I feel like I am not making what people want to buy.

I would also like to have your comments on how I can improve my Etsy shop.

On that note I will leave you in peace and look forward to hearing all of your comments.



The ICSI Cycle Failed

Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting on Friday.

On Tuesday I began bleeding and by Fridy morning I knew for definite that the ICSI cycle had failed and my two little embryos had died.

All the same I had to go through the Pregnancy Test which was of course negative.

This news has really hit me hard and I am devastated. I have spent most of the time since Friday crying and trying to work out what I had done wrong. I can’t work it out as I think I did everything possible to keep my little embryos safe inside of me.

God can be so cruel and at the moment I don’t believe there is a God as if there was one surely he wouldn’t have put me through this heartache again.

On the day of Embryo Transfer the doctor had said that if this cycle did not work then she would refer us to the Miscarriage Clinic. When hubby ran the hospital to tell them the cycle had failed and asked for us to be referred to the Miscarriage Clinic he was told that since my past miscarriages had not been confirmed by my GP then we could not be referred. This has hit me really hard as I was relying on the Clinic being able to tell me why I keep losing all of my babies.

The best they could offer us was a follow up appointment with a Consultant to discuss my ICSI cycles.

I am hoping that if he will not refer us then we can get an appointment to pay privately to see the Miscarriage Clinic. This will be the last hope I have to try and get pregnant.

I really don’t know where to go from here. I so desperately want a baby and to fall pregnant but fear that this is never going to happen and I don’t think I could carry on without having a child. I feel that this is the reason I was put on Earth, I have felt like this since I can remember.

As I am gong to need all the money I can earn to fund my next cycle of ICSI I am going to be offering a 10% discount up until the end of June on all items in my Etsy store which you can find at http://www.knitterscarlet.etsy.com. All you have to do is to purchase the item you want and before paying email me with the discount code “Tinkerbell” for an amended invoice.

I will be putting up more goodies in my store over the next week or so, so please keep yours eyes peeled.


Friday is D Day

The saying “Infertility is like being on a rollercoaster” is definitely true, especially the two week wait.

After going through infertility for nearly 12 years, numerous cycles of Clomid and IUI and now my second cycle of ICSI I feel I have the experience to totally agree with the saying.

So far this cycle of ICSI has been quite straight forward, no real illnesses, not many side effects from the medication, even the egg retrieval went straight forward (the anaesthetic was plain sailing, no vomitting and severe pain this time round).

Up until the egg retrieval it looked like we would have approx 20 follicles (10 on each side), but we were told that there were only 4 eggs. This was very worrying as last time we had 5 eggs and this time round I was on a higher dosage of Menopur. We weren’t told whether these eggs were mature so I did not sleep that evening and was really glad when the embryologist telephoned me early on Friday morning.

She had good news, out of the 4 eggs, 3 were mature and 2 had fertilized, which was better than last cycle as then we only had 1 which fertilized. The embryo transfer was arranged for the next morning, so we quickly arranged to stay in the hotel in Heswall, repacked the bag and set off.

After a lovely meal we went back to the room and relaxed and had a reasonably early night. As I was still really nervous and worried in case the 2 embryos did not make it through the night I did not get much sleep. This was worsened as there appeared to be a stag do in the hotel and from 12:30am through till 4am lads were running around, shouting and slamming doors, oh and don’t forget the cheering!!!!

When we were checking out we mentioned this to the receptionist and as the hotel had a policy of refunding you if you do not get a good night’s sleep we got our money back.

So once we had breakfast we set off to the hospital. After waiting around for around half an hour we were called through to the transfer room and spoke to the embryologist. The 2 embryos had made it through the night and we had one 4 cell embryo and one 8 cell embryo. We were really surprised about the 8 cell embryo as last time it was a day 3 transfer and it was only 8 cells then and this time it was a day 2 transfer.

The embryo transfer went really well, no pain and we tool a couple of pictures of our little embryos which I nicknamed “Tinker and Bell” (Tinkerbell).

embie 2009

embies 2009

I am now just over halfway through my two week wait and up until Friday was feeling reasonably positive as everything had gone so straight forward. For some reason since Friday night I have been having problems staying positive.

I keep getting pains in my right ovary and in my cervix. I don’t know whether these are good or bad signs and I am beginning to panic. This week is going to feel like a year and I can’t wait until Friday so that I can test to see whether this has worked.

I really hope it has as I don’t know what I will do if it doesn’t. I have bonded with these little embryos and speak to them on and off all day long urging them to hang in there and snuggle up for 9 months. I love these little embryos and to me they are my little babies all ready, I want both of them to make it and I would be the proudest mother of twins on earth.

I don’t want to lose anymore babies and say positive affirmations to myself whenever I feel negative.

I deserve to be a mother.
I will be a good mother.
My babies are safe in my womb.
My babies are going to keep growing in my womb.
I am going to have a positive pregnancy test on Friday.

I keep trying to envision a positive pregnancy test but everytime I get a picture of the digital pregnancy test in my head it say “not pregnant”, so I really need to work on this to make it say “pregnant”.

If you pray then please pray for me that my little babies will stay with me as I desperately want them to keep growing.

I will update you again once I have tested on Friday….