Happy Father’s Day

Whilst I was going through the pictures on my camera I realised that I never posted the ribbed jumper which I knitted hubby twice!!! Yes you heard me correctly I had to knit it twice!!

Those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning may remember that a couple of years ago I knitted this jumper for my hubby for Christmas. After spending hours and hours of work on it a couple of days before Christmas I finally finished it and popped it in the washing machine on a cool wool wash as per the yarn label. Disaster struck and the jumper stretched so that it would fit a giant.

I was devastated and after numerous emails and letters to the yarn company, they finally sent me replacement yarn to reknit the jumper. As you can imagine it took me quite a while before I plucked up the courage to reknit it, and this is the outcome.
P1000801 copy

I thought I would let you see what I have up new in my Etsy shop, also what will be uploaded into my Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks.

I know they are more cold weather items than warm weather, but here in the UK you can never tell what the weather is going to be like!!!

P1000654 copy




I hope all you lucky dad’s had a great Father’s Day!!

I hosted a barbecue for my father and hubby and of course my mum to celebrate Father’s Day. As per usual, it rained and we ended up eating it inside. Why is it that whenever I plan a BBQ it always rains!!!!




Why is life so crap????????

Yesterday morning my father came to see me all excited with the news that his nephew’s wife had given birth to twins. He went on and one about how pleased he was for them and what great news it was, blah, blah, blah.

All I could think was “BITCH”, “why isn’t it me”. I know that I sound like the bitch here BUT they went through medicated donor IUI exactly the same time as I went through my last ICSI cycle. You guessed it their first try worked and my second try at ICSI did not. To make it worse they had only been trying for 18 months as they then found out they would need a donor. I on the other hand have been trying for 12 YEARS, had six cycles of medicated IUI, 6 cycles of Clomid, months and months and months of charting my BBT, used ovulation kits, even had a lap and dye test and not forgetting the 10 miscarriages and the 2 failed ICSI cycles.

Life is just so unfair. This last ICSI cycle really hit me hard as I went into it before I had fully come to terms with the failure of the previous ICSI cycle and the miscarriage which proceeded it. Everyone else seems to have just forgotten that it is still just over a month ago that the cycle failed. I am due to start my periods any day and am going through major PMT at the moment.

I of course had to say what great news it was and how pleased I am for them and act as if it was the best news in the world when all I wanted to do was curl up and cry. Of course I am pleased for them but it would really help if people had a bit more tact when they tell me these things and perhaps even thought how tough hearing news like that would be for me.

As I am writing this I am breaking my heart crying as hubby and I have just had words on the phone as even he doesn’t understand how bad these things are affecting me.

I cannot imagine my growing old without children but at the moment I don’t think I can cope with the tests which I have to go through. One of which is a biopsy of my uterine lining which is done whilst I am wide awake and without any pain medication. I also don’t know if I can cope with keeping trying for a baby.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. I have told hubby how I feel and he has simply said that we will stop trying then, as if that answer is so easy. I don’t know how I can live without a child and I also don’t know how I am going to keep trying for a child. Catch 22.

On top of all of this I have just had an email from a lady whom I have been machine knitting a cardigan for. She liked the pink lace cardigan in my Etsy store and asked me to knit it bigger. I have spent all week knitting this cardigan and invoiced her for the cost of the cardigan ($30), the cost of the postage and a fee of $20 to cover the cost of the wool and the hour spent re-working the pattern to her size. A grand total of $64 (£34ish). She had paid me through Paypal and then sent me the email stating that she was not happy having to pay the extra $20. I have replied back to her explaining that in total it should have cost in excess of $147 (£90) so she was getting it at more than half price and if she was not happy I would refund her and try and sell the cardigan in my Etsy store.

So far I have not heard back from her.

I have worked it out that I will have spent in excess of 15 hours work on the cardigan and been paid £20 for it. This makes it just over a pound an hour. Definitely below the mandatory hourly pay rate………


Sorry, I feel better after that :))

Well, I will love you and leave you now that I have burdened you with my problems and will have to try and make up with hubby once he gets home from work. Just as well I am hardly going to see him this week as I have a feeling my PMT is going to be really bad and the best thing I can do is spend plenty of time on my own………….


Latest Knitting Order and Other Goodies

My latest knitting order is off a lady who likes the pink lace machine knitted cardigan which I have on Etsy in a larger size. I of course said it wouldn’t be a problem….I was wrong.

Lace Cardigan

I have cast it on a total of six times and every time I have had a problem and had to start all over again.

The first time I cast on knitted 20 rows and then dropped a stitch and it ran all the way down to the bottom of the cardigan. With it being lace I had no chance of picking the stitch up.

The second and third time the same thing happened.

The fourth time I cast on knitted the first two rows of stocking stitch and then realised I was knitting the wrong size…..AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH

The fifth time I cast on the correct number of stitches and as I was knitting the waste yarn it all fell off….I had of course ran out of waste yarn mid row and it fell off.

The sixth time I was hoping was going to knit up okay as it was now Wednesday afternoon and I had promised the lady I would have the cardigan completed and in the post to her by Monday. I knitted the first 60 rows with no problems and left it for the night as I was feeling quite tired.

This evening I thought I would knit to row 158 which is when I needed to change the stitch pattern. I was on row 120 when my knit carriage didn’t seem to go across correctly, but all the stitches had been knitted to I continued…..this was a big mistake…..A couple of rows later I noticed that two of the stitches hadn’t knitted off and had actually come off of the needles……Yes you guessed it the two stitches ran all the way down to the bottom of the cardigan.

I couldn’t believe it, it is now Thursday and I haven’t managed to complete even the back yet, there is no way I am going to be able to complete the cardigan by Monday as I cannot work on the knitting machine for very long as my back and Pancreas begin to hurt, so the maximum time I can work on the machine is half an hour.

I decided to leave the cardigan until tomorrow and will hopefully have peace and quiet to work on it as for some reason when hubby is in the room with me everything goes wrong. He is definitely a machine knitting jinx.

This afternoon I decided it was perfect weather to wash a couple of the fleeces which I had gotten from my cousin last Christmas. Hubby was wandering around looking bored so I thought I would enlist his help.

This was a good move on my part as usually I have to stand on tip-toes to wash them in the kitchen sink and even then have to stretch and wash the fleeces in very small amounts which taken me forever.

In and hour and a half hubby and I managed to wash two of the fleeces. I skirted them (got the really dirty bits off) and hubby washed and rinsed them, I then took them outside to put them on the homemade rack which my father and hubby had constructed.

I am looking forward to dyeing these fleeces over the weekend as I have purchased some dyes in gorgeous colours.

I am dreading having to start this cardigan again tomorrow, so please keep your fingers crossed for me that seventh time is the charm!!!