People Who Leave Comments

The past couple of weeks I have noticed peopl leaving me not very nice comments and I always feel that “if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it”. I wish some people would think in this way when leaving comments.

The latest comment was from someone who basically disagreed with my having IVF (see previous post). In my temper I went and replied to the comment and then proceeded to their website and left a nasty comment in their guestbook.

The website was . The person who left the comment also left an email address as

It now transpires that the owner of the website now denies leaving the comment, so I apologise to them and I have no objection to them deleting the comment I left.

As I have no way of finding out who actually left the comment as they left false information in the contact boxes, I cannot do anything about it except delete the comments.

I disagree with everything which is on the website whose address was left by the commenter but it is their right to believe and publish what they like and believe in (as long as they don’t try pushing it down my throat like Jehovah Witnesses in my area).

People can believe in whatever religious beliefs they want to as long as they don’t try pushing it onto me, hence why I am against Jehovah Witnesses so much as they are a nuisance where I live and now I just don’t answer the door to them.

Anyway, I will not go on about this matter again and will be deleting the comment left in a few days (will just let you have a chance to read it first so that you may comment on it if you so wish) and again I apologise to the owner of the website….


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