The Lake District

Finally, here are the rest of my pictures from the Lake District from the end of June when I went to Woolfest 2009.

The first lot of photos were taken from the hotel in Whitehaven.

whitehaven 1

whitehaven 2

whitehaven 3

whitehaven 4

whitehaven 5

The next lot are from Keswick and as you can tell it was a glorious day. It was soooooo hot, you wouldn’t believe it.

Keswick 1

kesick 2keswick 3

keswick 4

keswick 5

keswick 6

keswick 7

keswick 8

Keswick 9

Keswick 10

keswick 11

keswick 12

keswick 13

keswick 14

keswick 15

keswick 16

keswick 17

keswick 18

And finally here are the pictures from Windermere.

We had such a lovely time sitting, eating ice cream looking at the lake that I really did not want to leave there and come home.

windermere 1

windermere 2

windermere 3

windermere 4

windermere 5

windermere 6

windermere 7

windermere 8

windermere 9

windermere 10

As you can tell from the pictures, we had a brilliant time and are really looking forward to going back next June for Woolfest 2010……


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