Beaded Jewellery

As those of you who have seen my Etsy shop will know, I make and sell beaded jewellery. For those of you who don’t then you can check some of the jewellery I make in my Etsy shop at

A month ago, I decided to take some of my jewellery to my “stitch’n’bitch” knitting meeting to try and sell some of it, and I was shocked to not just sell a couple of the necklaces, but to also get commissions.

I duly made the necklaces and here they are for you to see.




Once I had finished these I began a new design, but realised half way through that I did not have the correct beads, so undid some of it and this is what I left as I thought it looked really attractive. This necklace you will be able to find in my Etsy store soon.


The customer’s were so happy with their necklaces that they decided to commission some more and also other ladies were so pleased with them that they have also ordered some.

There are also going to be commissioned shortly as I have been requested to take in my beaded jewellery catalogue next time and also some other designs which I am able to make.

I am really glad that some of my jewellery is selling as it seem like an age since I sold one and was beginning to think I was going to have to give them as Christmas gifts to relatives….


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