The Art Of Knitting (Again)

Last month I finally completed the “Shaker Style Throw” from the partwork magazine “The Art Of Knitting”.

I have been knitting this throw for around 12 months and am really pleased to have finally finished it.

Here are the last couple of panels, before I sewed it all together.






Sewing the panels together took forever and the two rounds of crochet took even longer (not helped by the fact that I am not very proficient at crocheting).


Here is the completed throw.



I am really proud of this throw and am looking forward to beginning “The Scandinavian Throw” which is the next throw that “The Art Of Knitting” was doing.

All that is left is too find somewhere to put the throw, preferably somewhere that the dogs can’t get too as they love to curl up in my knitted throws.


17 thoughts on “The Art Of Knitting (Again)

    • Hi Lynne

      I still have the collection but am not sure whether I want to sell it anymore. It has just started coming out again and have realised that I would be selling the 149 issues plus folders for less than 33p per issue when they are selling for £3 per issue now.

      I would also have to have a think how to post them as they are very heavy and bulky.

      I’ll have a think about how much I want to sell the collection for and will let you know.


  1. hi
    can you post some notes on sewing the squares together ? i am only on issue 15 and have no idea how to connect the squares, is it maybe described somewhere later in the series ?


  2. I really enjoyed making both the shaker throw and the scandinavian throw and have been very pleased with them as the last couple of winters have been very cold. I wouldn’t let my children take them to university incase they were stolen.


      • Betty/Vanessa – can either of you help, I am up to issue 55 of the Shaker Throw but then stopped, but would really like to finish! Would you share the pattern for the last squares with me?


  3. Hi my mum was ordering the magazine for me but she stopped at issue 79. She didn’t realise that it goes upto issue 90 to finish the throw. I’ve tried back ordering issue 80 to 90 but they’re out of stock at the moment. Is there anyway you could copy or scan the last 10 issues 80 to 90 and I can pay you for doing this for me.


  4. Hi Can any one help me
    I collected all the issue’s for both throws and haven’t made they both i started to make some of the other bits. In one of the issue’s of the scandinavian throw there is a patten for a round rug made on two needles in the Home Knits part number 76, i have been knitting this not as a rug but a round blanket for the cats and kittens at Battersea Cat and Dog home but some how i have lost the patten so am hoping that some could e mail me the patten please at

    Many Thanks


  5. Great job, the shaker throw looks great! I’m just wondering if anyone could help me by telling me which issues i can find ‘how to place the squares’ I have found it in issue 1 & 71 but i’d love to know which other issues they’re in. Thank you so much


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