Alpacas and Spinning

As promised, here are the pics of the gorgeous alpacas whose lovely fleeces I have bought. Aren’t they adorable.




I have begun washing the fleeces and so far am really pleased with them, they are so soft and snuggly and can’t wait until I get to try spinning them.

As you will remember a while ago I bought a huge pile of welsh ewe fleeces and am still busy washing and dyeing them and of course spinning them. I think I am half way through the 30 fleeces (I hope so anyway). I have sent some to Australia, America, Canada and of course the UK and am going to be putting some up for sale on Ebay soon and also some of the dyed roving is up on my Etsy store.

Here is some of what I have dyed and spun up on my Kromski Symphony.






I am relatively pleased with how is has spun up. I admit that I am still a beginner at spinning so am still learning all the tips and tricks (despite reading every book going on spinning :DD ).

I have begun spinning using the smallest whorl on my Kromski and am happier using this as the yarn is beginning to be more uniform and finer. I have also on the last lot of roving been spinning clockwise rather than the anti-clockwise which I had been doing, this seems to be helping as well, as the take up is a lot quicker than it was.

All I need to do now is work out what I want to knit with this handspun yarn!!! I had thought of selling it in my Etsy store but I don’t think anyone would want to buy thick/thin handspun yarn, what do you think???


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