Christmas and Stress

Firstly I would like to wish all my reader a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…

Right, now that I have got that out of the way I’ll get on with what I have been upto lately.

Every year I get stressed over Christmas…I would love to have a great Christmas with no stress and arguments, but, this year isn’t that year….

As usual there are arguments within the family and I have been blamed yet again for starting the argument and am expected to back down…but this time I’m standing firm. I have no intention of backing down as I have done nothing wrong and am perfectly in my right to be annoyed. To avoid things getting any worse I can’t give details over what the argument is about or who it is with (it is not between my hubby and I).

Last Christmas was a very difficult Christmas to get through..For those of you who have read every post I have written you will remember that last November I underwent my first ICSI cycle and after having one gorgeous embryo put back the cycle failed and I found out shortly before Christmas day. This year the embryo I lost last Christmas is in my thoughts every moment I am awake (and also in my dreams). I then proceeded to have a miscarriage in February and a further failed ICSI cycle where I lost 2 gorgeous embryos.

You could say that this year has not been a very good one for me, so any bit of stress feels ten times worse than what it actually is. Christmas is meant for families to come together and celebrate but this year there is nothing to celebrate.

I have made my Christmas cake and iced it this afternoon…the red cabbage with red onion, apple and pomegrante juice has been made and is in the freezer ready..I have even made a Christmas pudding and that is kept ready to be steamed and eaten. All presents have been wrapped and handed out along with all the Christmas cards.

Tomorrow I have to bake the Bara Briths (fruit loaves) and on Wednesday I will go and purchase all the groceries that I need for the Christmas period and on Christmas Eve I will prepare the turkey, make mince pies and the trifle and generally spend the day baking and doing the preparations for the big day.

This year I am not quite sure whether I will be doing the usual custom of going out on Christmas afternoon to visit family, I think I will just have to wait and see what happens over the next couple of days.

On a lighter note a few weeks ago I bought my youngest dog (Dino) a cute little Christmas outfit. Doesn’t he look cute!!!




A Yarn Shop Review

Last week I stopped off at “Stash Fine Yarns” in Chester on my way to Birmingham.

This is one shop I have always wanted to call into as their website has pictures of the shop and it looks really pretty. You can visit their website at Stash Fine Yarns.

The shop deals in the more elegant yarns such as “Louisa Harding” and “Araucania” etc and they have a brilliant clearance sale on at the moment. Whilst I was at the shop I purchased some of the Louisa Harding Jasmine yarn which was on sale for £1.92 instead of £3.85…this is half price.

The shop is now in the middle of an Industrial Park which I found quite confusing to navigate round. I put Stash’s postcode into my satnav but it didn’t exactly take me to the front door, but after turning around a couple of times we found the shop. It wasn’t very well signposted as there was just a small sign outside and a sign on the front of the building. For some reason I had expected the shop to have glass windows but it didn’t.

When I went into the shop I was greeted by a lovely lady who informed me that if I had telephoned them then they would have sent someone out to find me and direct me to the shop which I thought was really helpful. If you visit them and have problems finding them make sure you write down their telephone number which can be located on their website and give them a ring for directions.

The shop appeared rather small, but this may be because they are trading more from the internet than the shop itself. Despite this they had a large array of yarns, all of which are showcased in little cubbyholes. They tend to have one ball of each colour out but if you ask they will go in the back and get the amount you need. I thought this was a good idea as then you get to see the full array of colours each make of yarn has.

In the corner of the room is a largish table with comfy chairs where you can sit and browse the magazines and leaflets they have. Whilst I was there there was a lady making use of the table and chairs and she looked really relaxed and comfy….A perfect little hideaway from the outside world where you can relax and knit or read a magazine/book.

The only downside of the shop I found was that the yarns and needles weren’t priced. I found this rather offputting as I like to browse all the yarns and compare which ones I would like to buy without having to ask the staff for prices. In saying this the staff there were really helpful and didn’t hound you or follow you about but did stop and ask if you needed any help every now and again.

They had an excellent choice of Knitpro/Addi needles but again some of the stock was in the back and there were no prices on them.

I had browsed their website before going so had written a small list of the possible yarns I wanted and had written down the prices and I found this really handy as I always feel like I am troubling the staff if I keep asking them questions on the prices etc. Also if I have to ask for prices for things I always feel guilty if I don’t buy anything.

To summarise my visit I would say it is a very welcoming shop which is well stocked with the top of the range yarns. I didn’t see any acrylic yarns but then again I did not expect to find any as the name of the shop is “Stash Fine Yarns”. If I could make one suggestion then that would be to put prices on the stock. I think there was a price list on the table but I expect to find the price on the yarns themselves or even if the price list was hanging up by the yarns themselves.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the shop and would highly recommend it to anyone. They are not open at weekends and close at 4pm on weekdays which again is a downside as I had to travel nearly 2 hours to get there and was worried they would be closed. So again perhaps it would be a good idea if they could stay open until 5pm instead of 4pm they may get more visitors.

If you do go to visit them they are really close to the Greyhound Retail Park in Chester so you could quite easily make a day of it and I would definitely visit them rather than going to Hobbycraft to buy your yarn.