Beaded Jewellery and Cancelled Orders

I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a brilliant New Year.

On the run up to Christmas I got bombarded with beaded jewellery orders from my local Knitting Stitch’n’Bitch Group.

I did panick that I wouldn’t get them all completed but as you can see, I did manage it and had them all in the recipients hands a month before Christmas which left me plenty of time to work on the headband order.








The only problem with getting all the necklace orders out of the way was that I then had to concentrate on the dreaded headbands….I managed to get 7 knitted and posted in time for Christmas…but then disaster struck…I had an email from my customer informing me that the French police had closed down the shop that they were planning on opening and therefore did not need any other headbands.

I was very annoyed once I digested the email as I was relying on the money from the big order, also I had all the yarn left which I did not have a use for. On top of this I had also completed 3 other headbands.

My customer had paid me upfront for 10 headbands and the postage for the first lot of headbands to be sent to France, so I was not stuck with the headbands but would be left with over £20 worth of acrylic aran weight yarn.

After considering my options I decided that I had no option but to invoice my customer for the cost of the remaining yarn as I could not afford to swallow the cost of it myself. Luckily my customer agreed to pay for the yarn and now wants me to post it all to him in France. This is going to cost me at least £17 and I need to get this done this week but am trying to decide whether I should get the cost of the postage upfront and before I post the yarn. What do you think???

I have a knitting order to complete for my cousin’s mother-in-law and then some cabled cardigans for a gentleman in America. The order for my cousin’s mother-in-law is a machine knitted lace shawl which shouldn’t take too long to knit and I definitely need to get started on that soon.

The gentleman’s cardigan is totally another matter. I need to find patterns for cabled, crew neck cardigans with a finished size of 48″ chest!!!! So far I have not unearthed any crew neck patterns and don’t feel comfortable trying to convert a jumper into a cardigan as all of the jumper patterns I have seen has a cable down the centre which would be a nightmare to cut in half and would not look the same if I totally omitted it.

If anyone has any ideas on where I can find a pattern then please do email me at or you can contact me through my Etsy store at



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