YAAAYYYY More Snow!!!!

Nearly a week after our first lot of snow, we have finally got some more….This afternoon it began sleeting but it was not sticking…By 10 o’clock this evening it had begun to snow properly and it was actually sticking…

You may be wondering why I am making such a big deal of the snow, the reason is that I live by the sea so we very rarely get snow that sticks. The last time that it snowed and actually stuck it must have been around 2005 and I was in hospital having a “Lap and Dye” done too see whether my uterus and fallopian tubes were clear of any obstructions and/or scarring (you will be glad to hear that everything was fine). The reason I went through this invasive procedure was to try and find out why I was not getting pregnant.

Typically whilst I was in hospital it snowed (I was kept in 3 days instead of overnight due to haemorraging). The day that they finally agreed that it was safe for me to go home (and not bleed dangerously) it had been snowing heavily overnight and the roads were dangerous to travel on (the hospital is 25 miles away from where I live). My hubby braved the roads and came to pick me up and as I was still in a lot of pain ended up sleeping most of the next few days so totally missed the snow.

Anyway, here are some pictures that my hubby took about an hour ago to prove that yes the snow does stick (sometimes!!!) when you live by the sea. Apparently the salt from the seawater melts the snow before it can stick and build up.

















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Until next time please stay safe in this snow and if you are brave enough to go on the roads please remember to take warm clothing and something to eat and drink with you just in case you do get stuck…


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