Failed MOT!!

I bought my car three years ago and absolutely love it. It is comfy, reliable, has loads of gadgets and more importantly “Black”. Yes you read correctly I said it was “more importantly black”!!

The reason I love it being black is because when I first passed my driving test I had two black Ford Fiestas. The first was black when I bought it and the second was red but I had it sprayed black as one of my nicknames was “Black Widow” as I was always dressed in black!!

You may be wondering why I have decided to write a post on my car. It is a Peugeot 307 and I love it. My big problem is that it has just failed its MOT…It is only eight years old and has 66,000 miles on the clock. I don’t go very far in it so have kept the mileage low for its age. I knew it would need a new tyre but I thought that that was all that was wrong with it…I was wrong…

On Wednesday my hubby took it to the Peugeot garage to get its MOT..I was expecting to pay for a new tyre and when hubby rang me to tell me that I needed a new back windscreen wiper I thought that was all that was wrong with it. Boy I was wrong…

My hubby rang me back and informed me that it needed two new tyres, two new gaitors and two new brake discs…It was going to be costly… Not forgetting that I also had to renew the road tax on it as it was going to run out at the end of the month…

I had discussed changing my car with my hubby and was planning on changing it at the end of the year, so when hubby said that he had seen a nice car and had worked out a good deal on it, I wasn’t that surprised but was still shocked!!

To get my car through the MOT it would cost around £400 and then would have to add the cost of the Road Tax which would be around another £200, so in total I would have to pay £600 (if not more) to keep it on the road.

As I had a “Stitch’n’Bitch” meeting that evening and had just come out of the shower so needed to dry my hair etc I told my hubby that I would go with him the next day to see the car and it would also mean I could sleep on my decision as to whether I should change my car now or pay the £600 and change my car at the end of the year as planned.

When hubby arrived home he showed me the pics of the car he had seen. It was a blue Peugeot 307 but was a lot younger than my present one. Once I read the details and saw the car I still wasn’t sure what to do.

As you will all know hubby and I have some big bills to pay this year as I need to have my Uterine Biopsy done next month and then there was the cost of another ICSI/IVF cycle to fund. Also my eldest dog has hurt his eye. We took him to the vets on Tuesday evening and were told he had an ulcer on the eyeball and it also had a splinter in the middle of the ulcer. The vet gave us two lots of drops to put in daily and we have to take him back next Thursday. If it is no better then he will have to go through an operation to sort the problem out and this will be costly.

Overnight I thought a lot about what was the best thing to do and I decided that I would go and have a look around the garage to see if there was any other cars I liked and would make the final decision then.

Once we got to the garage we were informed that the car had been taken around the back and they would bring it round whilst we looked at the other cars. I looked around but did not really see anything in our price range that I liked…there were a lot of Peugeot 207’s but they were too small if I did fall pregnant and had a baby so it would have to be a 307.

Upon walking back to the showroom I saw the blue Peugeot 307 coming towards me. We took the car for a test drive and I was happy how it drove. There were a couple of small things needed doing to it but for the deal that hubby had negotiated on it it was a good car. I discussed the things that needed doing on it with the salesman and he agreed to sort them out for me.

The car was comfy and quite sporty looking…it had nearly everything I wanted….it had automatic lights/windscreen wipers, multi cd changer, reverse parking sensors, electric windows all round, exon headlights and led back lights and most importantly it had the connection for me to connect my iphone to the stereo so that I can use it as an ipod. The only things missing on it was the bluetooth for my mobile to use it handsfree and also I had wanted a six speed gearbox (hubby informs me that usually you only get the six speed gearbox on diesel cars or cars with larger engines)…

We decided to put the £600 I would need towards the new car instead of spending it on getting my car fixed and then having to get more money together at the end of the year to change it when my car would be worth less. I even managed to get the salesman to throw in six months of road tax in the deal.

Here are some pics of my new car…




Isn’t it nice…all I have to do now is wait for the phone call to go and pick it up. The salesman did say it would be around 7-10 days before it is ready to be picked up as it would take that amount of time for them to sort out the few things which needed doing and also for the transfer of my “cherished number plate” to be sorted out.

In the meantime my car is totally road legal as they sorted out what needed doing without my having to pay for it and if it takes longer than the end of the month to sort everything out then they will give me a hire car to use for free to save having to re-tax my present car…

I am like a child waiting for Christmas and can’t wait for the phone call so that I can go and pick up my new car…I will of course let you know when I get the phone call and have my new car in my possession.

Next time I will be posting about my progress on the “Fearless Knitting Workbook” that I posted about last time…


2 thoughts on “Failed MOT!!

  1. How is your Peugeot 307 now? It is quite a nuisance when you think your car is in good condition, only to be surprised that it actually needs repairs and part replacements. Good thing you have that cool car now. Weew, it looks like long roadtrips are now on the books!


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