"Fearless Knitting Workbook" – Chapter Two

Chapter 2 of the Fearless Knitting Workbook was very interesting. It covered the knit and Purl Stitches in knitting and also following line by line instructions and also chart instructions. Also you learnt how to use stitch markers.

The first project was the “Rib Sampler” which was straightforward.

Chapter 2.1

The second project was a “Checkerboard Square” this was again reasonably straightforward and fun to knit.

Chapter 2.2

The third project was definitely getting more difficult as it was a “Diamond Peaks Square” and I found it more challenging as there were NO line by line instructions, just a chart to follow. I still used the stitch markers to make things a bit easier.

Chapter 2.3

The fourth project was definitely difficult as again you had to rely on following the chart and was entitled “Maple Leaf Square”. The saving grace on this pattern was the central stitch which was constantly a purl stitch on the right side and as the outline of the Maple Leaf was in Purl and the rest was in Knit it wasn’t too bad to keep track. I was really impressed on how this square came out.

You also had the option to put this square as an applique on a cushion if you wanted to. I decided to keep it as a square.

Chapter 2.4

The final project was an “extra credit” and was the most challenging one of the entire chapter. It was entitled “Oak Leaf Square” and I found this very confusing to keep track of as the background was in purl and the actual leaf was in knit. I kept wanting to knit the background and purl the leaf.

The chart was colour coded and had the seed stitch down the centre charted as a dot. I don’t know which I prefer the colour coded chart or the standard dot and dashes square. I think it depends on how many different stitches you were using and your personal preference. I think I prefer the standard charts and would tend to keep the colour coded chart to knitting fairisle or intarsia.

Chapter 2 Extra Credit

I found this chapter really fun and was really impressed with the squares. I must admit that blocking the squares made the stitch patterns stand out more and evened my stitches out a great deal. It also made the photographing of the squares a lot easier to take as there weren’t as many shadows as the squares were lovely and flat. I also learnt how to read different types of stitch patterns, whether they be line by line, colour coded charts or the standard charts.

I am really looking forward to starting on Chapter 3.


2 thoughts on “"Fearless Knitting Workbook" – Chapter Two

  1. Now you see, I’m not a great knitter, although I can do the basics. I’m a bit of a knit, but that’s another story. But I once made myself a sleeveless top in the checker board pattern and I loved it. If you know where I could get my hands on another pattern for that please let me know.


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