The Golf Show at the NEC

In November hubby and I went to the Golf Show at the NEC in Birmingham. I know you are wondering why I am blogging about it now, but I have just realised that I didn’t blog about it at the time.

We set off on the Thursday afternoon and spent a lovely night at the hotel having some yummy food.



On the Friday we set off to the NEC at Birmingham nice and early so that we wouldn’t end up in a big queue to get in.

Once in we had a look around and then made a plan on which stalls we were going to visit. Of course we had to go to “American Golf” to get some cheap golfing clothes. We spent a good hour and a half in the booth as I kept going to try different tops and trousers on. In the end we chose what we wanted. I bought some tops, a pair of crop trousers (which were the perfect length on me) and a couple of tops for hubby for Christmas. Hubby bought me a gorgeous t-shirt for Christmas and some tops for himself.

On the way round we came across a booth selling some brightly coloured golf balls…I love different coloured balls (especially pink) so I bought some and we decided to go and have something to eat.

As the cafe was quite expensive in the show we set off to the hall outide.





Once we had some food we set off back into the show for another scout round but didn’t buy anything else. The show wasn’t very big this year and we were quite disappointed. Last year hubby bought me some new golf clubs and we bought loads of bits and pieces, but this year there were more stalls selling whisky and trying to sell us cheaper electricity and golfing holidays.

As there wasn’t much in the show hubby and I decided to head back to the car. Hubby was really glad he had bought a new lightweight golfing jacket as it was really cold and quite wet once we got outside. Luckily there was a bus waiting outside the NEC to take us back to the car park, but there was still quite a walk back to the car from where the bus dropped us off.




As it was still early we decided to look on my iphone whether there was a fishing shop near by. As luck had it there was one on the outskirts of Birmingham, so we entered the postcode into the Satnav and set off.

The fishing shop wasn’t quite what we expected but all the same I managed to buy 2 fishing rods (one each for my father and hubby for Christmas), a bite alarm for my father for Christmas and some various baits. I spent more in the fishing shop that I did at the golf show…

As it was nearly teatime we set off back to the hotel and sat down for another yummy meal and hubby took some arty photos.











On Saturday we drove down to Stafford to have a look round the Christmas Market and to do some Christmas shopping. We managed to find a car park on the outskirts of the town and after asking a couple of people the direction to the town centre we successfully found our way. The market wasn’t very big but I did buy a couple of wreaths to put on my grans and uncles graves. It was really cold in Stafford so we only spent a couple of hours there. But we did manage to buy some Christmas presents and set off to the hotel which we had booked in Stafford.

Again we had a yummy meal and this time I took some arty pics… :))











On Sunday we set off to try and find the graveyard where my gran and uncle are buried. I thought they were buried in Market Drayton, but after driving around for a while and not recognising any of the churches I telephoned my father (it is his side of the family) and he told me they were buried in Hinstock….I had only gone and got the two places mixed up, so we set off down the road to Hinstock.

Hinstock is only a small place so I was surprised when we drove straight past it and did not see the graveyard!!! After stopping and asking a couple of elderly men walking a dog we finally got to the graveyard…we were literally at the end of the road :))

Here are pics of the wreaths I had bought…for safety reasons etc I have not posted the pics of the actual graves…You will be glad to hear thought that I knew where the graves were…



After the graveyard we set off to see my cousin and the twins. I felt so pleased with myself as I found the way to his house without any problems.

The twins had grown so much it was unbelievable. They were actually onto solid food and were enjoying their beans.











After a lovely lunch and lots of cuddles with the twins, hubby and I set off home and luckily we set off with plenty of time as we hit a diversion which took us an extra hour to get home.

Despite having a wonderful weekend I was really pleased to get home. I always miss the dogs and it was nice to sit back and relax whilst hubby went off to work…

Next time I blog it will be about spinning alpaca fiber…I hope you enjoyed reading about my weekend away and all the photos.

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