Completed projects from 2009

Whilst going through my completed projects of 2009 I realised that I had not posted any pics of some of the ones I finished during the latter half…so here they are…

I bought this top in kit form and am a bit disppointed how it has come out and the way it lies when I wear it. I was also a bit surprised at the way the yarn had been dyed as it was very patchy. I have a couple of other kits from the same designer so will let you know what I think once I have completed them.

evangeline 3livia

These baby garments were knitted for my sister’s baby, but the cream top came out too big and the matching hat was even bigger so it will be up for sale on my Etsy site soon.




This cardigan on the other hand came out perfect and is hanging up in my future niece’s wardrobe waiting for her to be born to wear it.


Lastly are a couple of pairs of socks which came out really prettily and will of course be put up in my Etsy site for sale soon.




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