2009 Knitting Orders

During the end of 2009 I received a couple of knitting orders.

The first was for a red acrylic jumper for a child….It was very boring to knit but I completed it rather quickly…


The final order of 2009 was for 2 dog coats…the first was a lace one and the second was a cabled one..

The lace one came out alright and without too many problems..It was knitted in acrylic so that washing wouldn’t be a problem and the yarn was lovely and soft.

As the coats were too small for my dogs to model my little elephant stepped in :>>



The cabled coat was more of a problem..the pattern relied on you following 5 different charts and also shaping…After re-knitting it 4 times I finally decided on re-writing the pattern line by line to make thigns easier.

Once I had done this things went well and I completed it…I was really impressed with this coat as it was again knitted in acrylic but was very soft.





One thing that bugs me about some customers is that they don’t email me to say they received the items okay…I always email them to ask whether they got the parcel safely but very rarely get a reply back…Am I the only one who gets this type of customer???

Things are quiet here a the moment..I have a machine knitted lace shawl to make for a customer and also a cabled cardigan to complete, but this last one is on hold due to my customer having some personal problems…

Over the next week or so I will be updating my Etsy shop, you can check the new additions over at www.knitterscarlet.etsy.com you can also follow my tweeting over at Knitterscarlet


One thought on “2009 Knitting Orders

  1. You are SO clever. I dare not put my dog in a coat, he weighs 110lbs and would look ridiculous, and probably never forgive me. I do think it is rude that people don’t let you know they have received their parcels. What happened to courtesy?


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