Fearless Knitting Workbook – Chapter Three

I am still working through the “Fearless Knitting Workbook” and am really enjoying it.

Chapter Three is entitled “Basic Shaping Techniques”…no charts in this section but lots of variations on increasing and decreasing…

The first square is entitled “Aunt Liz’s and Aunt Nadine’s Dishcloth Square” ..it goes through increasing (by using yo) and then decreasing (by using k2tog)the square into a diamond shape..I had lots of fun with this as it was not very difficult and was a light relief after the last chapter.

Chapter 3.1

The second square is entitled “Which Way Is Up?” and goes through knitting a rectangle and then picking up stitches along the edge and knitting the other way (you will see what I mean in the picture below). Again this was straight forward and I found it quite boring to do as it was all in garter stitch…

Chapter 3.2

The third square is entitled “Bordered Diagonal Garter Square”. This goes through a new way of increasing (m1) and decreasing (ssk and p2sso). This was again fun to do but I decided not to make the hanging loop on it as I intend sewing the squares together to make a blanket.

Chapter 3.3

The final project was the most interesting and most fun out of this chapter…It is entitled “Heart Shaped Leaf” and looks really pretty once completed (although I have taken a picture of it back to front, the front should be reversed stocking stitch and I have it shown as stocking stitch).

This project again goes through increasing (inc1 via k1f&b) and decreasing (k2tog and ssk). It also goes through dividing the project into two pieces and knitting each side separately.

Chapter 3 Extra Credit

So far I have found the second chapter the most interesting as I enjoyed learning to read the different types of charts, chapter three was educational but quite boring…Chapter four looks like fun as it is about cables and I am looking forward to casting on for it…


2 thoughts on “Fearless Knitting Workbook – Chapter Three

  1. Isnt it funn to learn different ways to do things. I think I am going to get some to help me to do some oil pastels that I am trying to get use to. Looking forward to seeing more of your work


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