Machine Knitted Lace Shawls

Sorry for going MIA, but the miscarriage I had a week ago hit me really hard…You would have thought that since it was my 11th that I would have coped with it better, but alas I didn’t…

Anyway, I am beginning to feel a bit better so thought I would put up a quick post on machine knitted lace shawls…

Last year my cousin was the proud father of twins, a boy and a girl…as it happened I had a blue lace shawl in my Etsy shop but needed a pink one to go with it…SOOOO…I cast on and after struggling for a few days with dropped stitches, yarn snapping etc etc…I chose a different cone of yarn and cast on again…yet again I had no luck, so I managed to persuade my hubby to do the pushing of the carriages for me and I did the cast off, fringing etc….

I think it came out really pretty….what do you think??


My cousin loved the shawls so much his mother-in-law requested one for her friend’s baby…..As it was Christmas we agreed that I would make if in the New Year…

Back in February I got round to it (the baby wasn’t due until the beginning of April) and you guessed it, the same thing happened again….the yarn kept snapping, stitches kept dropping…again I asked my hubby to have a go for me and the same thing happened…

This time I didn’t have any other white yarn which was suitable and the cone I was using wasn’t that old…so we decided to change the stitch pattern…After it acting up again I persuaded hubby to have a go…You guessed it, it worked for him…So once it was finished I cast it off, sewed the ends in, sorted out the couple of dropped stitches and fringed it…

I love the stitch pattern used in this shawl….it is much better than the prior shawls I had made and it was so light and airy…a perfect baby shawl..What do you think??

Lace Shawl 1 (1)

Lace shawl 2 (1)

Lace Shawl 3

My cousin’s mother-in-law loved it and I am sooo glad that I have no more machine knitted lace shawls to knit…


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