Spinning and Etsy

As it has been a few weeks since I have posted and I intended posting about my recent trip to Woolfest next (but have over 400 pictures to go through first), I thought I would post about my last spinning project.

As you will all know I have a large stash of Welsh Ewe Fibre….In fact I still have 20 unwashed fleeces in my father’s garage which need processing…I have hand-washed, hand-dyed and drumcarded around 12 fleeces and am now working my way through spinning them up..

My latest was some which I had hand-dyed in a lime-green using Kool Aid….

Welsh Ewe 1

Welsh Ewe 2

Welsh Ewe 3

Welsh Ewe 4

Welsh Ewe 5

Welsh Ewe 6

Welsh Ewe 7

Welsh Ewe 8

Welsh Ewe 9

I spun it all up into singles which again came out thick and thin with some slubs running through it…I think this is how I am supposed to spin this fibre as every ounce I have spun up has come out like this…I then 2-plied it and wound it onto my niddy-noddy and skeined it..

A few weeks ago I decided to put all of my handspun up in my Etsy store for sale…so far I haven’t sold any of it and am not sure what to advertise it as…at the moment I have it up as handspun art yarn!!! If you have any ideas of what else I should advertise it as then please feel free to comment below or message me, I need all the help I can get :))


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