Woolfest 2010

Back in June hubby and I went up to Cumbria for Woolfest 2010…

As you can tell there were a lot of raw fleeces…and I was very restrained and only bought one…a gorgeous grey/black/brown Texel fleece for the bargain price of £5.

DSC_0066 copy

This time I decided to knit some sheep for the Sheep Auction which raises money for Farm Africa..

DSC_0070 copy

DSC_0071 copy

DSC_0072 copy

As usual there were a lot of sheep for sale that generous knitters spent a lot of time knitting.

DSC_0073 copy

DSC_0074 copy

The auctioneer did a brilliant job as per usual and as you can tell there were a lot of people involved in setting up and running the auction.

DSC_0078 copy

My two little sheep in coats raised £10.

DSC_0087 copy

My scary sheep raised £5

DSC_0092 copy

And my favourite piece which I knitted was the Sheep Tote and raised a staggering £25.

DSC_0100 copy

At the end of the auction they raised a grand total of £800 for Farm Africa.

Once the auction was over hubby and I decided to go for a cup of tea and a sandwich and as you can tell we were both really happy with the outcome of the sale of my sheep.

DSC_0103 copy

DSC_0104 copy

Apart from the Texel fleece I bought some shetland roving, alpaca roving and alpaca/merino roving..

We both had a great time in Cumbria and you can see the rest of the pictures over at Flickr


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