Scandinavian Style Throw

Last year I collected “The Art of Knitting” and knitted up “The Shaker Style Throw”. This year I knitted up “The Scandinavian Style Throw” from it.

The throw was knitted up in squares and then sewn up into panels before finally being sewn up into the final throw and crocheted round.

There ended up being 14 panels….

Panel 1Panel 2

Panel 3

Panel 4

Panel 5

Panel 6

Panel 7

Panel 8

Panel 9

Panel 10

Panel 11Panel 12

Panel 13

Panel 14

As you can tell, the squares ranged from plain garter stitch to lace and even some intarsia style squares. They were all straightforward knitting so was fun to knit whilst watching a good film. They were also knitted in acrylic yarn (which came with the magazine every fortnight) so it fully machine washable…


The most monotonous part of the throw was sewing the squares and panels together…I hate sewing up and as I didn’t get the schematic of the panels until the last issue I had to sew them together all at once. The Shaker Style Throw was sewn up every couple of months which made it more manageable and less boring..

This year I have started collecting “The Art of Crochet” and as of yet have not begun crocheting the squares…I am a totally newbie at crochet so am expecting lots of problems with the project…

If you have any handy hints or tips for crochet then please let me know as I am going to need all the help I can get…


11 thoughts on “Scandinavian Style Throw

  1. Can anyone help with a picture of the original shaker throw! I got up to issue 66 then had problems when my card was cloned and Hachette were unable to process the new number!!! I just need to know what it looks like so I can knit up the remaining squares. thanks


  2. Here is a list of the squares needed for the throw xxx

    1: Garter Stitch and Heart Square
    2: Little Ladders Square
    3: Garter Stitch Stripe Square
    4: Stocking Stitch Diamond
    5: Mock Rib with Garter Stitch ridge
    6: Stocking stitch heart square
    7: Seed pattern
    8: Reverse Stocking Stitch and Star
    9: Reverse Stocking Stitch ridge
    10: Double Moss Stitch Square
    11: Garter Stitch Square
    12: Multi-coloured Stripe Square
    13: Mock Rib
    14: Reverse Stocking Stitch with Star
    15: Stocking Stitch Heart Square
    16: Ridged Stripes with Bobbles Square
    17: Garter Stitch with Chain Stitch Heart
    18: Single Rib
    19: Stocking Stitch with Heart
    20: Multi-coloured Check Square
    21: Stocking Stitch Diamond
    22: Stocking Stitch with Vertical Cables Square
    23: Garter Stitch Stripe
    24: Moss Stitch Square
    25: Reverse Stocking Stitch with Star
    26: Stocking Stitch Heart
    27: Textured Wavy Rib
    28: Garter Stitch
    29: Reverse Stocking Stitch and Heart
    30: Garter Stitch Stripe Square
    31: Garter Stitch Square
    32: Ladder Pattern Square
    33: Reverse Stocking Stitch and Star
    34: Diagonal Rib
    35: Moss Stitch and Diamond
    36: Stocking Stitch Heart
    37: Reverse Stocking Stitch Star
    38: Dot Pattern Square
    39: Garter Stitch
    40: Rope Cable
    41: Garter Stitch with Chain Stitch Heart
    42: Check Textured
    43: Raindrop Patterned
    44: Mock Double Rib Square
    45: Checked Rib
    46: Little Ladders Square
    47: Fair Isle Heart
    48: Eyelet Pattern Square
    49: Garter Stitch Stripe Square
    50: Garter Stitch Square
    51: Stocking Stitch Heart Square
    52: Basketweave Square
    53: Garter Stitch with Chain Stitch Heart Square
    54: Garter Stitch Square
    55: Stocking Stitch Diamond Square
    56: Stocking stitch with 4 hearts Square
    57: Little Flowers Square
    58: Textured Wavy Rib Square
    59: Ribbed Basketweave Square
    60: Reverse Stocking Stitch and Star Square
    61: Woven Pattern Square
    62: Basketweave Square
    63: Garter Stitch
    64: Cable Block Square
    65: Garter Stitch Stripe Square
    66: Vertical Threaded Square
    67: Framed Moss Stitch Square
    68: Woven Pattern Square
    69: Lacy Ladders
    70: Stocking Stitch Square with Vertical Cables
    71: Honeycomb Panel Square
    72: Textured Square with Rope Cables
    73: Stocking Stitch Diamond
    74: Stocking Stitch with Intarsia Heart
    75: Eyelet Striped Square
    76: Stocking Stitch Square with Textured Blocks
    77: Square with Diagonal Eyelet Panels
    78: Stocking Stitch Diamond Square
    79: Reverse Stocking Stitch and Star
    80: Cross Stitch Diamond Square
    81: Stocking Stitch Square with Lace Panel
    82: Stocking Stitch Diamond
    83: Moss Stitch Square
    84: Fair Isle Pattern Square
    85: Garter Stitch with Chain Stitch Heart
    86: Moss Stitch Diamond Square
    87: Garter Stitch Square
    88: Two row garter stitch stripes square
    89: Basketweave square
    90: Garter stitch striped square


    • Thank you so much! Can’t believe I’ve only just picked up,your reply. I couldn’t remember where I’d asked my question and as nothing came up in my email box, I gave up hope! Unbelievably I have, this morning, finally added the last square and am in the process of crocheting round the edges. You must think me so rude for not replying and thanking you, please forgive ME!


  3. Hi,
    Could you list up the details for the Scandinavian throw as well? am up to Issue 110 and missing a few copies,(got lost in transit). if you could email the sequence, that would be great too.Thanks.


    • In the meantime here is the list of squares for the Scandinavian Throw. It also includes where about each square goes.

      If we grid it as down the side a-f and along the length 1-10.

      a1, a10, f1, f10= plaited cable (issue 86, 97)
      a2,f9 = moss stitch in lavender with cross stitch X
      a3, a8, f3, f8 = Snowflake in blue and white (issue 93)
      a4, a7, f4, f7 = Moss stitch in fennel green with white +
      a5, f6 = moss stitch in blue with white bobble in the middle
      a6, f5 = mocha cable pairs
      a9, f2 = Lavender basket stitch (issue 94)
      b1, e1, b10, e10 = White garter stitch with cross stitch diamond (issue 96)
      b2, e2, b9, e9 = four part square with motifs
      b3, b8, e3, 38 = Chevron rib lace pattern (issue 92)
      b4, b7, e4, e7 – brown garter stitch with stripes
      b5, e6 = brown garter stitch with X
      b6, e7= lavender lace
      c1, d1, c10, d10 = diagonal stripes (looks like issue 98)
      c2, d9 = mocha waves
      c3, d8 = Basket wave in Biscuit (issue 95)
      c4, d7 = lavender small flower in mocha
      c5, c6, d5, d6 = raised leaf in cream
      c7, d4 = lacy rib in blue
      c8, d3 = stocking stitch with moss stitch diamonds (issue 91)
      c9, d2 = biscuit squares


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