The Fearless Knitting Workbook – Chapter 4

Here is my fourth installment of my review of “The Fearless Knitting Workbook” by “Jennifer E Seiffert”.

The fourth chapter is entitled “Cables and Crossed Stitches”.

I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter as I always find cables a very complex stitch pattern and I usually end up crossing the cables the wrong way..

The first square was a basic cable square and involved knitting from a chart…I usually knit cables from row by row instructions so was interested in finding out whether chart knitting was going to make things easier…I am pleased to say that it did…Seeing the cables graphically on the chart made it much easier to cross the cables the correct way and am really pleased with how it came out…

Chapter 4.1

The second square was entitled “Expanded Basic Cable Square”…this square was again knitted via chart and was relatively simple to follow..

Chapter 4.2

The third square was much more complex and was entitled “Multitasking Cable Square”…The reason I say it was more complex was because there were 3 sets of cables which all crossed on different rows..Thankfully the chart made it relatively straight forward to knit as you could see when to cross the different cables…This is the square that I am most proud of…

Chapter 4.3

The final square of this chapter was entitled “Plum Tree Square” and wasn’t really cables but did involve crossing stitches…The chart made it straight forward to knit and the stitch pattern really stands out..

Chapter 4.4

All in all I really enjoyed this chapter, it made me tackle cable charts when I have always steered clear of them…In future I will always chart my cable stitch patterns out as it makes life much easier…


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