Sockupied Emag Review

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from “Interweave Press” telling me all about their new emag call “Sockupied”. This emag was all about sock knitting….As you are all aware I love knitting socks so thought I would have a look at it.

Firstly I was surprised at the high cost of the was $14.97 or £9.75 when converted to pounds…

I thought about it for about 5 minutes and thought what the heck I may as well order it and have a look…It apparently had videos and sock patterns etc so perhaps it was worth the high price.

Once I had gone through the checkout process I was sent to the link to download the emag..I say download the emag when what I mean is download the setup files to install and run the programme…Yes you read correctly, it wasn’t going to be a pdf it was an actual programme which means you need either a pc or mac which can run flash player…if you have an ipad/iphone/ipod there is no point you paying for the emag as you won’t be able to run the installation programme…

Luckily I was using my laptop so this wasn’t a problem..Once the programme had installed I went ahead and clicked on the cute little icon of a ball of wool…

At the top of the page it told me I was on article 1 of 19, hang on…article 1??? This is the main cover not an article!!! The next page was article 2 of 19…this was the index page not an article!!!!

Article 3 of 19 was the editor’s page which had a very short video and a list of the contributor’s…again not an actual article!!!

The next few pages had short videos on them and there was a very short article on dpn’s (double pointed needled for those non sock knitters)..Then there were the books to buy and the sock patterns to go and buy…wait a minute…sock patterns to go and BUY…wasn’t this a sock emag which is supposed to have sock patterns in it..

Article 9 of 19 actually has a sock pattern, but you have to go online and download it from an external site!!! Then more advertising….Finally an interesting and useful article on stretchy cast-ons for sock knitting with video demonstrating..

All of the 9 sock knitting patterns need you to either go to an external website to download them or you need to click on the pdf box and download them from there…Out of the 9 sock patterns, only 4 are exclusive for the emag…the rest you can download from various external websites free of charge anyway..

My opinion on this emag is it is very overpriced…you get a couple of interesting articles, 4 unique sock patterns and a pile of advertising…I doubt very much I will purchase the next one unless the price is reduced as I could spend the $14.97/£9.75 on a book full of sock knitting patterns rather than 4 patterns. The videos are short and you could probably get just as much information from Youtube….My score on this emag is 4/10 and that is 1 mark each for the sock knitting patterns…


5 thoughts on “Sockupied Emag Review

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  2. Thanks for your review of Sockupied. When something online has such a high price, I always wonder what is behind the “wall” and whether it is worth paying for. It sounds like they should take a look at what other knitting ‘zines online are doing.


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