A Book Review

Recently I got sent a book by Weiser Books entitled “Kick Ass Creativity” by “Mary Beth Maziarz”.

At first glance I was very sceptical about this book as it was not really my sort of book, but I thought I would give it a chance and began reading it.

I was very surprised at what I read and finished reading it over a weekend (which is very rare for me as normally it takes a while for me to finish a book unless it is about knitting).

This book would help any creative person, whether they are into painting, knitting or writing, in fact any type of creative person.

It goes into how to overcome negative thinking, procrastination (which are both my problems) and how to stay focused on your work.

At the end of each chapter there are exercises for you to complete which are based on what you have read in that chapter.

I thoroughly recommend this book to any creative person, no matter what craft you are into. This book will definitely be put in pride of place on my bookshelf ready for me to delve into whenever I lose my energy and cannot concentrate on my work.


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