The Fearless Knitting Workbook Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of “The Fearless Knitting Workbook” is all about cables and crossed stitches.

I’m not keen on cables (I can never remember which way the cables need to cross)so was rather hesitant about working through this chapter.

The first square was the “Basic Cable Square” and was relatively easy to knit as all of the cables crossed the same way and all on the same row.

Chapter 4.1

The second square was the “Expanded Basic Cable Square” which was more complicated as the cables all crossed different ways but again were all on the same rows.

Chapter 4.2

Square three was the “Multitasking Cable Square” and was much more difficult as the cables were all crossing in different directions and on different rows. This is where the chart came in useful as you could see at a glance which way the cables crossed and on which rows.

Chapter 4.3

The final square was a lot of fun and was called “Plum Tree Square”. As you can tell from the picture it has bobbles as well as crossed stitches. Again the chart was definitely a big help and I really enjoyed knitting the square.

Chapter 4.4

All in all the chapter wasn’t as difficult as I originally thought it was going to be. The charts helped a lot and are definitely a must for any cabled patterns. I really enjoyed working through the squares and I must admit I still can’t remember whether to bring the stitches on the cable hook to the front or back for left or right crossing cables!!!!


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