Spinning Merino/Alpaca fibre

Recently I decided to try handspinning some of the professionally prepared fibre which I have bought in the past to see if there is any difference in the final yarn compared to the fibre which I process and prepare myself.

The first lot I decided to try was the merino/alpaca which I bought in Woolfest 2010.

I loved the colours in this fibre and separated it into 1cm width lengths.


Here is the fibre in it’s 1ply spun yarn.

alpaca merino 1ply b

alpacamerino 1plyalpaca merino 2ply

As you can tell it turned out really pretty and unusual and nothing like it did in the beginning.

alpaca merino

The next roving is also merino/alpaca and I have no idea where I got it from, I think it was from a bag of mixed roving I purchased cheap from a company on the internet.

pink alpaca merino

I was really surprised to see that the silver part had nearly disappeared once it was spun into 1ply.

pink alpaca merino 1ply cpink alpaca merino 1plypink alpaca merino 2ply b

The silver had very nearly disappeared once it had been skeined.

merino (2)

All in all I loved spinning this type of fibre and will definitely be buying some more to spin up in the future. It was lovely and soft and shiny and I was really pleased how it all came out.

Both rovings were spun up on my Kromski Symphony spinning wheel on the smallest whorl which I had and they will both be up in my Etsy store in due course.

You can get to my Etsy store by clicking on the pictures on the left hand side of this post.