Fearless Knitting Workbook – Chapter 5 Review

Chapter 5 is entitled “Intentional Holes – Lace and Openwork”.

I love knitting lace so this chapter was really up my street.

The first square was a “Checkerboard Eyelet Square” and was really straighforward to knit as it was the same pattern repeated and following the chart was really easy.

chapter 5.1

The second square was a “Horizontal Sampler Square”. This was more difficult as it was three different stitch patterns. Also it was not charted so I had to follow the row by row instructions. The completed square was really worth the effort though.

chapter 5.2

The fourth square was a “Tesselated Leaf Lace Square”. This was a lot of fun to knit and really easy to remember. The chart also made it easy to follow. This stitch pattern would make a lovely lacy scarf.

chapter 5.3

The final square was a “Leaves and Ladders Square”. This was another difficult pattern as it involved three different stitch patterns again, but using the chart made it easier to follow.

chapter 5.4

I really enjoyed this chapter and will definitely be using the stitch patterns again, especially the “Tesselated Leaf Lace Square”.

I am looking forward to starting the final chapter as it involved a hat and scarf pattern. I am hoping to complete this book by the end of the year which gives me around 4 weeks…wish me luck!!

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