Spinning Antics 2010

Looking back through my folder of things to blog about I noticed that I hadn’t blogged about my spinning for a while…and boy is there some yummy goodness that I have spun up.

The first is some bottle green blue faced leicester fibre. I found this fibre quite sticky to spin up but I didn’t have much of it so continued with it anyway.

I spun it up into 1ply..

green bfl 1 ply b

green bfl 1ply

Of course, I then had to spin the 2 plies together to get the resulting 2ply yarn which was then skeined.

bfl 2ply

The fibre came out lovely and soft and looked really nice, although it was of course very thick/thin as per my usual style of spinning.


Next came the welsh ewe fibre which I had hand-dyed. There was quite a bit of this fibre and it spun up lovely.

blue welsh ewe

blue welsh ewe 1ply

blue welsh ewe 1ply b

The resulting 2ply yarn was lovely and soft and was a gorgeous shade of baby blue.

blue welsh ewe 2ply

blue welsh ewe b

blue welsh ewe c

Next, was some merino in a lime green and lemon. This was a real luxurious fibre to spin and spun up like a dream.

merino 1 ply b

merino 1ply

Plying it was so easy and I fell in love with this fibre.

merino 2ply


This yummy coloured fibre is also merino and was a true joy to spin. I loved the colours and the way they spun up was gorgeous.

merino fiber (1)

meirno 1 ply b

merino 1ply (2)

Once I had 2 plied them the colours stood out a great deal and was the most gorgeous colourway I have ever spun up.

merino 2ply (2)


The final fibre of 2010 I spun was Bamboo.

bamboo fiber

I did not get along with the bamboo. It was slippy yet surprisingly also difficult to pre-draft. It went from one extreme to the other within seconds.

bamboo 1ply

bamboo 1ply b

I was sooo relieved once I had finished plying and spinning this fibre. I don’t know whether it was my inexperience or whether it was just a really difficult fibre to spin but it was definitely a nightmare.

bamboo 2ply


In 2011 I am hoping to spin more alpaca and to have a go at silk. If you have any words of wisdom on spinning any of the fibres I have mentioned then please please leave a comment as I need all the help I can get :DD


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