Accessory Knitting and Catch Up

I can’t believe that it has been 6 weeks since I last posted…This year is just flying by and every week I have meant to post but things just seemed to get in the way.

Firstly I would like to thank Melody from “Oh Baby dotcom”for featuring my Etsy shop on her featured-sellers page. I really appreciate you featuring me.

I was going through my blog folder that I keep on my laptop to see what I hadn’t posted about and realised that there was a whole category from 2010 entitled “accessories” that I hadn’t told you about, so here they are.

The first 2 are shawlettes and are both lovely and soft. The first is fancier and would be perfect to put round your shoulders over that little black dress.





This scarf was a lot of fun to make as it was a lot of little knitted shells all sewn up to create the unusual shapes. It was knitted out of sock yarn which makes the colours so variegated.

scallop scarf 3

scallop scarf 4

scallop scarf 5

This is a gorgeous cowl in a lovely lace pattern. The edge of this cowl has little loops which makes it very unique.



One thing I don’t usually knit are bags. I received a pair of bamboo handles as a free gift with a knitting magazine and thought I would knit a cute bag to use them in. I was really pleased with the overall look of this bag.


One thing I do enjoy knitting are socks. These are in a gorgeous blue colour and are lovely and soft to wear.



I still have a lot of knitting to show you that I did in 2010, and will post some more over the next couple of weeks. I have also begun making candles and soaps and will share what I have learnt soon.

In the meantime you can find everything I have put up in this post in my Etsy Shop.


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