Colour Work Reviews for Spinning

Last week I bought 2 items to help me with my hand-dyeing fibre and I have just realised that they are both by “Deb Menz” for Colourwork guru..

The first thing I got was the “Color in Spinning” book which I have had on my Amazon wishlist since I began dyeing fibre.

color in spinning

I haven’t fully read this book, but from what I have read it is a wealth of knowledge. The book is 240 pages and I got the paperback version. There are loads of pictures and a lot of information on the “colour wheel” (which I have but have never used). It also goes through the various ways of dyeing fibre and also carding the fibre.

The second item I bought was the “Colour Works for Spinners” which is a 2 disc dvd. I opted for the download version to save on the postage costs as you can only buy it from America.

colour works for spinners

I was hoping to get a lot of information and help on my drumcarding technique and I wasn’t let down. The dvd’s were all about using drumcarders and the various ways of blending different roving/batts to get multi-coloured batts. The end even shows you how to turn the batts into roving ready to spin.

After watching the first dvd I realised that my problems were putting too much fibre at one time on the drumcarder which meant the fibre wasn’t getting as thoroughly carded as I wanted it to be.

The dvd’s also show you how to use the “colour wheel” in an easy, straight-forward manner and most importantly it didn’t bombard you with information that you didn’t need to know at this stage.

I would definitely recommend both the book and the dvd and are well worth the money. I am now looking forward to having a go at dyeing some of my fibre and practising blending it.


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