Handmade Candles and Soaps

For Christmas I received a starter soap making kit and also a starter candle making kit. I have always wanted to try making candles and soaps so I was really happy to have received these kits.

Firstly I had a go at making candles. You don’t get much wax or many colours in the kit so I visited Hobbycraft and bought some extras.

The candles were really easy to make, you basically melted the wax, added the colouring, then added the scent (I used aromatherapy oils which I had) and then poured it all into the moulds, then left it to harden before turning out.




The basic shapes came in the kit but I decided to use different ones, so I set about researching on Ebay what candle moulds they had. Through my research I found out that it was possible to make the candles using silicon cake moulds, so I sent for the little cup cake moulds and got all experimental.

Rather than having the candle in just one colour and one scent, I used three different colours and three different scents, so as you melt each colour you get a different scent.




Making soap is basically the same as the kit came with prepared soaf which you melt and colour and scent, so the process was exactly the same as candle making.








For Valentines I decided to make a set of candles and soaps in little heart shapes. They came out really well and I even sold a set in my Etsy shop. Again I used little heart shapes silicone cake moulds.




You can find all of the above and much more at my Etsyshop and I will be adding more soon. Don’t forget you can subscribe and get an email everytime I put up a new post by entering your email address in the “subscribe” box at the right hand side of this post.


6 thoughts on “Handmade Candles and Soaps

  1. This is something I have always wanted to try and have never really found the time, but you are inspirational….maybe a good fall project with grandmiracles before the holidays!!! Thank you. I especially love the idea of 3 scents and colors in one. 🙂


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